18 wheeler hook up Trailer hooking 101

18 wheeler hook up

So we were all able to give FedEx plenty of room to get the thing under control and off on the shoulder.


Also, you will notice lots of grease on the bottom of the trailer. A tug test is simply putting the tractor in a low forward gear and easing off the brake. Since the connection between tractor and trailer is basically just a steel plate sitting on a steel platform, it pays to keep lots of grease involved in the interaction. Good god was that a mess.

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Never saw anything like it. It is also the pivot point when making a turn.

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Seems like a really tough job to me. The Fedex guy was all over the road trying to get the pup back under control so he could get to the shoulder.

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The truth is that one slip of attention could have devastating consequences — and no one wants that. We once worked for a company that used king pin locks on their trailers a lot.

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If properly connected, the tractor will pull forward but be unable to move because the trailer brakes are still engaged. First off, this is the king pin on the bottom side of the trailer near the front edge. I had the fifth wheel in the shop twice to be looked at they said it was ok. I am now fully prepared to do two things: It is basically the platform that the front half of the trailer rides on. Hope we can help them get as smooth a start out here as possible. Oh, ever drive through Euclid Ohio on I90? It is surprisingly pretty easy. That was a round lock that slid up on the king pin and kept the fifth wheel from fitting around it.

He can load the whole trailer and not get a 18 wheeler hook up of dirt on him. Make sure the trailer is actually sitting on the fifth wheel. Seriously, not many people could actually do what you do. When he takes it off, the grease is not on the lock and he just throws the bag away. It seems like truckers really have to be mechanically inclined and smart!

We drive. We blah. We blah and drive and blah.

It worked and they all stayed behind me as I slowed down. Every time I had to take one of those locks off I would crawl under the trailer determined to stay clean and every time I came out I had fifth wheel grease on the back of my shirt, all over my hat, in my hair and on my hands.

Like I could never ever survive in an 18 wheeler hook up. Some people do find it too hard. Keep up the good work. Maybe I was just going to reinforce that the area arrow number one is pointing at is the actual surface the trailer sits on.

If you marriage not dating ep 14 eng sub at the end of the channel you can see the 18 wheelers hook up although they are not engaged in that picture. I do like drawing the arrows. These precious minutes could potentially save you hours of grief and a reputation that will persist throughout your career.

Maybe I just like drawing arrows. Seems like everytime I step out of the truck I manage to either get grease of some variety all over myself or rip a hole in my shirt. Complete School of Truck Transportation. Push in the trailer supply valve Check the 5th wheel a.