24 dating a 44 year old Why Would a Younger Woman Want to Date a Much Older Man?

24 dating a 44 year old, new to mumsnet?

Unless you are a movie star or famous person, keep dreaming. But maybe because he is older….

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I am a 30 year-old woman, marriage and family therapist. Age is just a number depending on the person. People who are happy despite a given issue are happy because they work with reality as it is rather than demanding to be validated. No thanks… I agree completely! Mona responds, with breathtaking clarity: I love him and would not trade him for anything in the world.

Related Questions Can a year-old guy have a relationship with a year-old woman? To think that a 40 year old man dating a 21 year old is off?

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Would each have the same feelings if he were an old loser and she were a young ugly thing? Older guys definately have higher social value and are more mature. I think she feels the same way but there is still some work to do in that regard. For those who have Never loved unconditionally on a soul level will not understand nor will they be expected to understand.

So as a gift to both of them: They say that true love comes at any age but in the case of dating someone who is older or younger than you significantly, is it sometimes okay? I do know many successful May-December couples.

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Please excuse my English. Can a 22 year old girl date a 27 year old girl? Right now I cannot imagine falling out of love with him and the thought of it brings me to tears. A lot of smart men want well educated doctor-lawyer-professionally successful wives who still look hot at 50 plus years of age. Cause the person at a real loveing level alll you love about themyou watch their body age and them struggle to communicate and talk and it killllls you.

They fret about their receding hairline and their ever-expanding waistlines.

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After that, it depends on the person. There are many more 40 year old women than there are 40 year old men. Problems in all areas. Ashley…that was totally sweet!

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All she has to do is go on Match. So no i don't think its wrong.

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Have you dated some one much older There are lots of exceptions. Similar to Selena, I met my 24 dating a 44 year old when I was 35 and he was I plan to travel and have fun, and if someone 20 years my junior, who is amazingly intelligent AND still liked my was wanting to have a family, I am willing to negotiate terms and conditions.

It will happen, just a matter of when. Can a year-old man have a romantic relationship with a year-old girl? Would we be better off if all young women married much older men and then later in life when older, marry much younger men?