Ashton pipe dating Dating Ashton Pipes

Ashton pipe dating

This is the rarest of all sandblast patterns.

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Sometimes this is needed pipe dating the LX size, due to a crack at the end of the shank. I was just pissed that it looked so pipe dating and didn't smoke as good as it looked.

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A note here on the different finishes produced by the Ashton Pipe Company: Suwanee, GA Registration date: There are many Ashton pipes in the collection that show great variations to the above. He spent a good bit of his time talking to folks.

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This pipe has been smoked, as it was in my personal collection before being relegated to the Ashton Collection. But the vast majority could have been had by retailers who chose not to do so.

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I met Bill Taylor at a pipe show once. My one Castello is a great smoker, but I just don't reach for it as often as I should because of the stem.

I love Charatan's, Castello's, Dunhill's, and many other fine pipes of which I own many. I had a chance to meet and speak to him at the Richmond show last year, but he wasn't very chatty on that day.

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Of course there are a few special pipes that were never put out for sale- pipes such as the first Pebbleshell, the first Oldchurch, and dating tables Brindle Magnum with the parrot carving. Also it is possible that Bill just neglected to stamp the code. Continue on to the second decade of The Ashton Collection. Question About Ashton Pipes For some strange reason I think there was another fellow that worked with Bill in the early years, before Jimmy Craig. It really is no wonder as the trade in pipes is shrinking all the time- the irony being that there are more good hand made pipes being made today than ever before.

What about Jimmy Craig, how many people work with him?

Sovereigns are quite lovely, and yours is no exception. You cannot reply to topics in this forum.

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Register or log in lost password? Image 22 shows a rare smooth pipe in the Ashton Collection. Frank Lincoln worked with Bill in the early days and even made some pipes of his own Lincoln. Although I myself would think it to be an earlier example, just because it seems there were more anomalies and inconsistencies in the BT era as opposed to the JC era, but there is no way to be definitive so it'll probably remain a mystery.

Complementing this pipe is a walking stick with the top carved in the shape of a parrot the same parrot as shown on each side of the pipe. Image 39 shows another p atent pending Pebbleshell- this with a gold wedding band.

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I've no idea wheather or not he made it. To begin with, Bill is an all-rounder; he is familiar with every part of the pipe making process and does it all.

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MLC, thanks for your info. Search Query Display results as: Peck, great info from R. I think it was a good price and it looks in good nick, maybe I'll have to do a bit of button resto, but overall it looks grand to my eyes. Ashton pipes were much more noted for their deep sandblasts than for the graining in their sooth pipes.


Yes I like a soft stem and a pipe that does not smoke wet. Image 3 shows a pipe with the imprint HFwhich means hand fashioned. It's definitely my own opinion but Ashton is the finest British pipe being made today and the finest British pipe made since when Wm.

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