Ashton pipe dating Dating Ashton Pipes

Ashton pipe dating

Within this family, each has a primary skill, however all are able to work all of the phases and as a rule, each will work on each Ashton pipe.

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I have heard Ashton uses a date stamp but I don't see one. Page one shows the first seven years of production- from April to the end of The first Pebbleshell pipe, bearing the stamp patent pendingappears in image Are you familiar with the Ashton sizes? David Field formerly the US importer asked Bill Taylor to stop stamping the code since some retailers complained that potential customers would shy away from pipes that carried a code from several years earlier.

In other words the size X, XX, XXX, etc had nothing surrounding it, and so anyone could make the pipe a higher size grade by stamping an extra X onto the pipe. If one looks carefully at image 41 a honeycomb pattern can be seen in the sandblast.

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I have an Ashton. The staining was all wrong.

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In reality, the pipe was not smoked when it first arrived but returned to Bill Ashton-Taylor. Pipe 90 is something quite special in that the bowl was made years before by Sid Cooper.

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It's definitely my own opinion but Ashton is the finest British pipe being made today and the finest British pipe made since when Wm. It tasted, what can I say, veerryy oily.


I sold the pipe and will never buy another Ashton. This changed in mid when new size stamps with an oval surrounding the size were procured. Pipe 20 has the HT stamp. If they did use Vulcanite I would maybe try one again, but I am so used to the soft stuff now that I doubt I could go back to acrylic. The first bowl-turner was Frank Lincoln, also ex-Dunhill and a wonderful man. If one is a master at sandblasting, branch wood makes for a beautifully deep sandblast of very interesting character. I later found out that it had been fixed by a 3rd party.

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Anyway, congrats, it really is a fine pipe! Images 7, 8, and 10 show the largest Ashton pipes made to date- the ELX size. It smokes great and is very sturdy.

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It smokes really good. However it's not the case with my pipe since the date code should be after the word England which is written in the opposite direction from the band, and there is about a centimeter of free space from the band anyway. The pipe dating bowl-turner is one Sid Cooper, all of pipe dating he looks fifty-four.

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Below is a photo and of the first Ashton pipe made- in April Image 24 shows the first Brindle finish. Honeycomb is named such because it looks as if bees could crawl in and out of the wood. From its inception the Ashton Pipe Company has never had more than two full time folks, plus a series of part-timers.

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The pipes composed of mostly branch wood smoke as well as any other. I need some help with dating an Ashton pipe that the mailman has just delivered straight into my happy hands It is a Sovereign LX with silver band on shank and silver rim.

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