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Auxiliary hookup for factory radio, top rated products

However, check both current and voltage. Sign up for the Make: I'll be pulling out my car stereo and having at it.

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Choose the location you like best to mount the jack. Sure you can get an FM modulator, but they don't work so great and are dating rules over 50 for poor sound quality. This hard-wired strategy gives you CD quality sound. If you look at step 2 it auxiliary hookups for factory radio the diagram of the changer output you should connect the ground pin to the ground on your radioshack jack and left to left and right to right.

Honda Civic may be close to the Accord, and also close to an Acura. So this is basically a 5 disc changer with mp3? Yep, It's not too hard. Not compatible with factory DVD systems.

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This is a complete kit that will let you conne How would I do a revers of this? This is a really nice flickr photo set that describes how to hack you car stereo.

Radio Aux Input Adapters

I'm thinking about doing this to my maxima as well. I want to carry on using my CD Changer. Use the old headphone cable and cut to the appropriate length to connect the internal and external jacks.

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For Christmas Day Promotion! Plug the cable into the internal jack, and solder the wire ends to the external jack. Sign Up Stay inspired with the Make: I'd guess that on a standard stereo without a CD changer, these pins are all internal and accessing them would require completely dismantling the radio.

So how about it? I'd suggest a auxiliary hookup for factory radio run before you completely reinstall the stereo to find it doesn't work. Transmitters aren't very good. Best sound quality from High quality Power amplifier chip and by using the CD changer port connection.

Introduction: Add an Auxiliary (MP3/Ipod) Input to Your Car's Stock Radio

The CD is full with silence tracks. I usually love messing around with stuff like this but I wasn't able to figure this one out. There is nothing wireless about them, which means the signal isn't getting degraded by the process of sending it to your Factory car stereo. Makers, we want to hear from you!

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I took the same file and added it multiple times to the CD so that I had many tracks. BedoF author gohenderson Reply I dont know how possible this is but I dont feel like plugging in a cable to my phone everytime I get in. This vehicles didn't come with the AUX JACK, but We can use this CD changer connectors to add an auxiliary audio input interface, In most cases you have to remove the factory CD changer, we also carry the x2 and x3 adapters that allow you to keep the CD changer in some Ford Chrysler and GM Radios The Auxiliary audio input interface sound quality is much better than those tape adapters or FM Transmitters it will be direct and digital, this is the best way to input audio into your factory car stereo and to keep the original car stereo.

Did you only burn a single track CD? After I had soldered everything very poorly to the head unit, I thought I had it working. This should be possible.