Baikal shotgun dating MODERATORS

Baikal shotgun dating

Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5. Over-and-unders have single, selective triggers not single dating sites turn-off ejectors.

He is looking for the chokes. If your Baikal has something break it's Russian junk. A further feature of most single-trigger Baikal shotguns is a very well-hidden barrel selector, which is not in the usual place on the safety thumbpiece. Gunnit Match rules, awards, and historical data.

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It is perfectly clear that this gun is either M or MA. The difference between M and MA is mostly in the inside, and can be determined by a click of the safety — in MA it is, as the model letters suggest, automatic.

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Model identification of Russian hunting shotguns that were exported through official channels is usually very easy. The over and under rifles have a device to allow you to adjust barrel regulation. Results 1 to 13 of You can read our reviews on Baikal shotguns here.

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The over and under and single shot '06s are available though. Baikal over-and-unders also have the advantage of allowing the user to turn the ejectors on and off — an advantage over most other guns on the market in the UK.

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They are well balanced, and point fast. Any information would be appreciated. This importance made it a designated closed city during the Cold War years, which meant it was forbidden to foreigners. I've heard some last years, and I've heard some have ejector springs shoot accross the room the first time they are opened. Having a hard time picking a name? I have heard of one stock breaking though. Izhevsk has a legacy of iron working going back to Link posts require a detailed description in the comments.

State-of-the-art and exclusive technologies in domain of microelectronics and instrument making customary available at the defense enterprise have enabled to develop and master the manufacture of various medical appliances. Don't have an account? Most guns proudly bear their model designations stamped on the action or barrel s. A list of commonly asked questions that may have been already asked and answered.

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What model came with NK 58 written on them? In the first years of production, Izh had semi-oval, rather than semi-circular, stock-action joint as well. The friend I shoot with likes to bash it since the 2 shotguns he shoots are a Beretta semiauto and a Browning OU which he paid close to 3K for. This is a query I recently received from a very knowlegeable Russian gun enthusiast in Pakistan:. If your Citori has a defect it's a fluke.

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All I've found out so far is that the letter at the start shows it was made beforeand that the H doesn't necessarily correlate to one specific year.

The reputation of the gun was spread by word of mouth not corporate mouthpiece gun rags.

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You won't have any problems finding after market chokes. The problem with model ID of this gun, as a matter of fact, come down to years of hard use and substandard gunsmithing it saw. Cannot tell you how many shells have been put through it. Submit a new link.