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Barling pipes dating, 1921 hallmark

Barling Pipes

Your dating of the pipe is I believe correct, With no stamping on the stem, it's not possible to tighten the range. This pipe has been cleaned and sanitized to the best of my ability.

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M Landaw was one of Barling's pipes dating. So a script Barling over London England stamped pipe could very well have a four digit number beginning with a 1 because that size was now part of the new line of pipes. Thanks for the tip on the Guarantee! I just scored an unsmoked pre-trans Barling billiard, but I'm having trouble dating it.


These pipes are prized by pipe aficionados for their fabulous performance characteristics. Something I found from the excellent pipedia article that may be of interest, referring to pre-trans shapes. It is a Bulldog pipe, and is good build quality. Dave Duke Street Irregular.

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If a moderator sees this, please delete the third photo. The Gym Registration date: I tried to go in and edit, but the edit option is gone.

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By the late 's Barling had changed to a different design and included language that states how long they have been in the pipe business. I have a couple of pipes that mix partial blasts with smooth paneled sides. In the early 's and late '30's there was a slightly simpler in terms of the lettering style Barling's Make stamp.

Hell, it's hard to be exact at all. In addition, Barlings rarely had shape numbers, although size stampings seem to be something that came about in the s.

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Smoking Pipe Rare M. Mormon messages dating Olde Briars is one of my favorite sites and I've included a pipe dating to it on the Pipedia Barling page. Earlier this year I published a Barling catalog from around the period of the first World War.

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When Barling published a catalog of its completely revamped line of pipes in November ofthe four digit numbers started with a 1 and went up to 6. I actually contacted him about it.

So, I am a real rookie!

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Perspex was originally patented in Canada in The silver collar has E. Its mouthpiece is original, but its logo has been polished a Great info from sablebrush, thank best first message to send on a dating website for sharing.

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Tad turned me onto it and introduced Jon and I to each other. Unfortunately, I did not get the pipe.

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I recall a member on another forum purchased the pipe. It looks to me like a Barling that the carver failed to remove everything that wasn't a Barling. The stem had no visible oxidation and needed only a very light polish.

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Probably later post-trans but like I said I'm no expert. A patent number will tighten the range to the 's. It is widely claimed that a general fall-off of quality ensued, especially after it fell wholly into the hands of Imperial Tobacco inbut this too is disputed. Don't get me started.

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THAT logo didn't come into use until