Basketball players dating models 30 Most beautiful NBA Wives and Girlfriends

Basketball players dating models, the hottest basketball wives and girlfriends

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The recently-traded Hawes went a different route with his love life than most pro athletes; he picked a girl who was attractive AND intelligent. The daughter of Clippers coach Doc Rivers is reportedly dating Paul George and is rumored to be pregnant with his child.

La La Vasquez Carmelo Anthony. Vanessa Bryant Kobe Bryant. Vanessa stood by him through all of that, but then filed for basketball players dating models in Gabrielle Union Dwyane Wade.

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Many celebrity gossip and fashion outlets have called their wedding one of the most lavishing and classy of all time. Please enable Javascript to watch this[ Since the news broke, Bargnani has been made fun of for being overrated and not nearly as attractive as Ayoub, but the couple is official and there are plenty of pictures to prove it. They often travel during the NBA offseason and their wedding ceremony was held at the house of legendary Dominican musician, Juan Luis Guerra, who happens to be Vega's uncle.

Elaine Alden Landry Fields. Despite Melo's loyalty issues on the court, he seems to be stuck to La La like glue.

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The disgruntled Houston center is looking to play elsewhere since the Rockets brought in Dwight Howard, so the couple may be moving in the summer of In addition to celebrities like Robert De Niro and U2 bassist Adam Clayton, Campbell has also shacked up with athletes from time to time. When Koufos was traded from the Nuggets to the Grizzlies, his faithful wife Leia came with him and has been mostly positive about living in Memphis since that time.

Ok, so he's not a current player, but Fox's girlfriend is worth noting because of her attractiveness. So, obviously, she dated Jeter for a bit.

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Can someone explain what makes Gisele so much better than the rest, besides the fact that she is married to Tom Brady? Enjoy, but try not to bee too jealous. Who is the hottest NBA wife? Interestingly, not all of the NBA husbands are what you'd call lookers with many of the spouses listed here also on the list of the ugliest athletes of all time.

Samara Felippo Leandro Barbosa. Jessica Olsson Dirk Nowitzki.

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Kobe met Vanessa when he was 21 and she was 17 while she was working as a background dancer in a music video and he was working on his debut album. Malaysia Pargo Jannero Pargo. Gina Antoniello Spencer Hawes. Their relationship has been somewhat rocky after marrying in April of as Kobe was accused of sexual basketball players dating models in This photo, from the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, is all the proof you need of that. After divorcing the mother of his sons, Wade spent a lot of time as a single father before pairing with Union, an actress who has appeared in a variety of movies, including 'Bring it On' and 'Think Like a Man.

The hottest NBA wives and girlfriends

But all models are kind of absolutely gorgeous. Leia Sergakis Kosta Koufos. They began dating in after they met at a Nelly concert when they were 19, they have four kids together and they married on Dec. How can you not love Steph Curry? You May Also Like. Axelle Francine Tony Parker. And in case you were wondering, yes, Peter Crouch knows exactly how lucky he is.

Her marriage to the Serbian star is considered to be one of the most stable of any athlete-celebrity relationship.

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Elin Nordegren Tiger cheated on this woman with strippers and porn stars. Adriana Lima Marko Jaric. The two stayed together after he signed with the Warriors and then she also relocated to California after landing a major role in the movie 'Freaky Deaky.

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