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And what quality would it be considered??

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Reversing the process, Bernie Rico changed his guitar name to B. The resulting guitar was a sort of squared off Bunker guitar combined with elements taken from the Eagle. Is it a quadmatic bridge?

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However, in the interim the decision was made to simply use the B. Rich instruments are custom-made in the USA whereas the mid- and low-budget models are produced in different countries in Asia. Plate at base of neck top 3 dating tips printed: You'll find a lot of guitars from this period with "Licensed by" in small print before the "B.

They got back on track in More information in the N. I have one of these as well.

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It's a dark purple speckle, 2 emg pick ups, whammy, Floyd rose set up or whatever, RW serial, and on the headstock by the "H" in Bc Rich logo it says bc rich serial number dating in USA Anybody gotta idea about this guitar? How much was it new??? PostulioFeb 25, You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Hybrid Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode.


Rich name reverted back to Bernie Rico, and he was happily again at work at his drill press making B. Any body know anything about this one? The guitar is a 99 and it is an import not a usa. Fly Like An Eagle The Seagull did well, however, players began complaining about the upper point jabbing them in the chest.

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It's in perfect condition. So, in a way, the B.

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The serial numbers are a bit hard to date because. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

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Production Series Again, as with other major American manufacturers, Rico also sooned turned to Korea as a source for budget models. It has 3 knobs for vol treble. I have a BC Rich Guitar warlock body style.

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LorneMay 25, We thought it would be cool to make a guitar that had a body shaped like a Harley Davidson gas tank, and that was the Fat Bob. I bought the guitar in the early 90s 91 if I had to guess.

The neck plates were pre-stamped and pulled out of a box at random when it was time to install the neck onto the guitar or bass. Rich" on the headstock.