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Cl_interp_ratio cs go matchmaking

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GO hitbox was much smaller than CS 1. And since your client is allowed to be offset from the current tick server viewyou get peeking advantage scenarios and desyncs. It became easy as hell to prefire and now I have a chance in aim duels. Because I didn't already say this in my first comment. Submit a new link.

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The best part is that even though you are presented with new information, you won't test it out, because your brain will be flooded by dopamine when you think about your own biased knowledge and theories.

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GlobalOffensive submitted 1 year ago by abrekegegerekte. I cs go matchmaking get called a cheater cs go matchmaking often lol. Oh my god, this might be my salvation! But Valve refuse to fix this, and they even stated that the game is supposed to be broken like this and won't fix it.

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How cl_interp affects my gameplay

Log in or sign up in seconds. Could this be used to reduce network usage? My friend was in tuns. Click here for our wiki! A bit of an exaggeration there. Please don't reply back to me.

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Rest of the settings look fine to me. What if there are other values we can try? Why would GOTV even need lag compensation. I have a ton of hit reg issues where shots go right through people sometimes. If i was to buy a better router would that help with having multiple devices connected to it?

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You have no idea what you're talking about. Been fiddling around on dm all day, and was noticing a lot of times where I knew for certain I was landing shots and it just wasn't being detected. I is just eating my lunch when Dopa0 ring.

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D and by these comments it feels like I shouldn't try it. So don't bother with a bug report x Anyway.

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How to tweak cl_interp properly

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