Cl_interp_ratio cs go matchmaking MODERATORS

Cl_interp_ratio cs go matchmaking

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GlobalOffensive submitted 1 year ago by abrekegegerekte. I was pretty skeptic when I tried.

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Basically setting this to 2 means that the game will interpolate by calculating stuff over two ticks rather than just one, to my limited understanding. If you aren't sure what is going on yet, then okay.

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Here is some literature on the subject: DB - is love. Will do the next time.

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So don't bother with a bug report x. And with your vast intellectual knowledge, a so fking superior mind compared to everyone else you probably already knew that: Yeah, after 2 years, I've finally bought a new PC and it's literally being delivered right now.

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Is that good then? But clearly you already knew this since you are so smart at and all that.

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About Terms of Use Privacy Policy. For ping, everything lower than 30 is awesome, below 50 is great, everything below 80 is okayish. But Valve cs go matchmaking to cambodian online dating this, and they even stated that the game is supposed to be broken like this and won't fix it.

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Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5. In my experience with online games, I always prefer to have the most lag compensation, even if it delays showing the enemy on my screen.

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I probably should've changed a long time ago. To change this you can add it to your autoexec config, or just copy and paste this to your CS: Combine it with a high rate, cmdrate and updaterate, similar thing, they will be forced to the maximum allowed.

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You pretend like you know stuff, but your logic is so flawed, so broken that I'm having a hard time understand how you are even functioning out in the real world.

But i can see that sometimes i try to kill enemy from meters and what i get is hits. It depends on your connection. I was thinking the reason was the CS: