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Cs go matchmaking bad team

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If you unfollow this topic you will no longer receive any notifications. Most people complaining about it just look for excuses to not be a 'bad player'.

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I have no problem with playing with chinese indians or russians as long as they speak english, it is the primary global language spoken by most of the world. What id like, is to have people share their experiences in matchmaking and hopefully we can convince valve that their system is completely broken atm. I haven't seen a single person which I suspected to be a hacker and I hope it stays cs go matchmaking bad team that. Posted December 16 - But I think you mean the "avoid" feature.

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What i have a problem with is them jabbering in their language while theres people in their team that dont understand it. Bad thing is that if you lose, your friend may "de-rank" faster than if he played alone since there is probably a newbie in the other team too.

In fact, I feel weird pressing that "Accept" button when it is just me in the lobby.

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Start a New Discussion. Why is my team always bad? Mr Swede Johan, on December 18 - Whatever it is, I suggest you take ranked with a huge grain of salt right now no pun intended and just enjoy the game, do your best, practice your heroes and hope that down the line blizzard will manage to fix whatever it is that is causing this mess.

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I then worked my way up to Legendary Eagle. Welcome Chains To The Gang!!

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You could help them, by giving guidance on the voice chat. OP, I think you're having a very nice placebo effect, the servers arethe same for all the players. Bad thing about living in Europe, in 3 games, it's impossible to not get matched up with some russian dude no offense or any other guy that you can't communicate with. I've been playing CS: It can't be helped.