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He lives several hours away and we e-mail frequently. What kind of dating website is this?! I even said 'finding scammers'. When you join dating seniors sites A-list, you get to see " Who Liked You" and over the 30 day period, I received a total of 4 likes.

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I explained that I wanted to cancel the automatic renewal. They make it deliberately difficult to cancel so they can carry on taking money.

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I would rather be lonely and single!! Probably the most annoying function of the Cupid. The message ended in the most English way imaginable: It is not the site's fault.

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Search the product to add. My conclusion, based on my experience, blogs, and LOTS of research, indicate that every cupid dating website reviews has about the same amount of scammers.

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I don't like the service and support from this webs By the time I get home I usually have a reply, although not always of course. It does not enhance my belief in people or internet businesses.

Over its long history, Cupid. Photos of men and women are ugly. I am a very attractive and successful year old doctor. Scammers are so obvious.

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When I questioned her about the membership, she told me that I would be automatically billed at the end of the membership. I was a single mom, but didnt mention that in my profile.

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If someone were to have told me Cupid. He drove me back to my car in his expensive car. I knew it was a scam right away. Currently I'm having a problem changing my e-mail address. You must call an number with a long waiting list.

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Nothing romantic, just good-friend stuff about our lives. July 20, I was introduced by a friend to single parties organized by Speed Dater, an online meeting website owned by Cupid plc that is also organizing single events in London venues. Logging in a day later I was back at free membership.

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It all started on a Thursday night.