Dating a firefighter is hard Ups And Downs To Dating A Firefighter

Dating a firefighter is hard

Don't make him chose because in the end you will lose.


You can have a great relationship once you accept that it will not be like others. I don't know what to say or do to make him realize I want a little more time with him.

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We have our ups and downs from time to time. My grandfather and two uncles were firefighters.

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The inconsistency throws me off and makes me want to back off. Keep your topics of conversation neutral and non-controversial but above all make sure that you chat about something that you both enjoy — a mutual hobby for instance or an interesting anecdote from his line of work. Its a man cave and to me being at the fire station without a call is a vacation.

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He told me 72's are no joke! The thrill of having your man in blue overrides your normal skill set and you become anxious.

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We have been talking and dating for 2 months dating viability scan pregnancy. A trade, at least for us is a really cool work privilege.

I could spend all my time there if i didnt have a live. We've been dating a firefighter is hard for 2 years and we dating a firefighter is hard each other very much. It's one of the downsides of dating us, the good news if your relationship grows, when you need some "me" time or a night out with the girls all you have to do is wait until he is on duty.


I know how you feel Sandra. His excuse is always. Experienced women should already know this tactic but you guys seem to have an odd mental blank spot when it comes to us. We've known eachother for about 8 years. If you want the work schedule of a businessman, date a businessman not a fireman. When he discovers upon arriving at work that we are going to be stripping and waxing the apparatus floor for the day, will slip out call his wife or girlfriend and ask them to stop by the station. There will be holidays and days you don't see him. Its not but you will be more than happy i the long run.

There is another phenomenon with firefighters called trades.

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You are not just dating a man, you're dating the profession. I just don't understand why he couldn't spend a few more hours with me.

Me, being a full time career woman in a huge company and him a full time city firefighter with a 2nd job as part time firefighter in a small suburb.

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Its new for me because now I have to get use to him always working or spending time with his daughter. Pages Confessions of a Fireman. Im in a similar well strikingly similar situation to Kaitlyn, Thanks soo much for replying to this it really helped me alot. Firefighting is a tough game and showing weakness around anyone over the age of six places doubt in the minds of others. Showing up unexpectedly can be especially bad.

I have hung up my boots on that front.

Does not mean he doesn't love you. It honestly feels like he's cheating on me with the firehouse. So if you are keen on dating a firefighter, here are a few tips to help you along.

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