Dating a guy with the same name as your ex Can You Date Someone With The Same Name As Your Ex?

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But I don't date by far as many women as other men do, so I imagine that if you had some Find the good stuff Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. This is an archived post.

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Yeah, I reckon I could do that. He was happy with it though. Sometimes it depends on how that relationship went and went down I majored in Advertising, minored in Journalism, and concentrated in New Media.

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My next boyfriends first name would be my ex boyfriends middle name None of my ex-boyfriends were cruel, so I wouldn't have to worry about bad memories being stirred up by dating someone with the same name. Your username is how other community members will see you.

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Having a date with the same name as your ex doesn't intimidate me. Yea, after you first meet them saying the name might be a bit odd, but after barely any time you'd start to associate the name with the new girl in all liklihood.

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I don't think I could overcome it. The problem is that the guy that I am dating we have been seeing each other for a few weeks nearly every day has the same name as my ex.

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Would you date someone who has the same name first as your ex? I'm just wondering about something. I think there is no problem at all There are only plus' in my eyes ORG - we actively monitor for copyright theft.

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Don't have an account? I'd have no problem dating a guy with the same name as an ex. I am F 21 and the guy I like is also How about dating a guy with the same name as the father of your children, whom is still in your life?