Dating a sex offender Experience: I fell in love with a sex offender

Dating a sex offender

He had no memory of what had happened, and he had no memory of how he even got outside.

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Any more and it's not only hiding it - it's not fair. It could be a lot worse involving a younger child.

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I am glad I got married before all this was possible or else I would be a very lonely cat lady!! They don't even separate offenders from the predators on the lists even though they are separate official labels.

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Tonight my mom came home from dinner with a friend and told me that my new boyfriend is registered as a sex offender friend she went to dinner with had a daughter who went to High School with him. It would suck to find out the complete story later. He can say anything.

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It's unreasonable to expect a person to do that. This is how sexual predators work!

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How can you just dump somebody if they're a good person suffering an injustice, as you put it? This wouldn't make me have even the slightest hesitation in continuing to date him. There are plenty of potential people out there with who to form a relationship - given the choice, why take the one that you KNOW will have some problems even if he's a saint and his problems consist of getting his name cleared, it will be a huge burdenwhen you can choose someone else who at least appears to be free of any immediately obvious problems.

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He was open, honest, religiously sound, and everything I could have wanted. I go hiking and do a lot of outdoorsy stuff quite often, and as you can imagine there are no bathrooms on the top of a mountain or deep in the woods.

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But that is a story for another day friends. The following weekend, I drove to a restaurant to meet him with a feeling of unease.

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As you move forward with your life, it will be prudent to look at all the factors involved and weigh them equally dating a sex offender making your decision. Can never be too careful and upfront honesty I would think might be the only way to get someone to overlook it. He turned into a great adult, but that has seriously affected his life. I appreciate it with everything that I am.