Dating a tintype photo Identifying Photograph Types

Dating a tintype photo

These defects are now noticeable in many calotypes, some of which are today little more than pale yellow ghosts.

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The giant spaces they discovered demanded giant cameras. Enter a photo type into its search engine and you will see many examples that may turn out to be similar to the photograph you are researching. Javascript is not enabled.

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Civil War Period - Courtesy of Tracee Hamilton This photo of the King brothers is a tintype probably taken circa Does back of image plate look like copper? The information provided here can turn you into a proficient photo detective.

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Many of the plate edges reveal torn or rippled emulsion and even the fingerprints of the darkroom technician who handled it with wet fingers. By examining the dating a tintype photo of fashion worn by the subjects in an old photograph, it is possible to deduce the approximate date it was taken. Please don't show me this again for 90 days. For men, look at vests, neckties, the fit of a jacket loose or fitted and how it is buttoned.

Plate Size and Color

Suggestions of rouge cheeks or lips suggested a person of substance. Design and colors of these cards followed those of the cards of that time. Safely store, display your old family photographs. They created a sensation among the photographers throughout the country, and the pictures made on the chocolate- tinted surface soon became the rage.

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The most rare of all of these stamps is the one cent red "playing cards" and the most common is the orange two cent "playing cards". Detailed analysis is covered on dedicated pages for each type.

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The stamp was to be canceled by requiring that the seller cancel the stamp by initializing and dating it in ink. Some Gems were cut to fit lockets, cufflinks, tie pins, rings and even garter clasps.

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Your email address is now confirmed. Sometimes a good guess is as close as you'll get to the answers.

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Uncased tintypes have been found with canceled tax stamps adhered to the backs. These became popular in looking dating mumbai mid- s.