Dating aa car badges AA Car Badges, and other collectables.

Dating aa car badges, more badges.

How to date an AA badge

Finding car badges in the original packaging adds value to a piece. When numbers grew larger to six digits, the absolute dating geology was moved to the top of the circle.

November 24, at The committee approved the first Stenson Cooke badge in March After that the relation gradually improved. The next example was dug up in a field by a visitor to OCC, after locating it with a metal detector.

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October 28, at The shape and style varied throughout the years, with special versions being available to motorcyclists and lorry drivers. There were only 10, copies of the winged long shank version, which was started in July 21, at 9: An interesting old photo, of an AA patrol man and his motorcycle with sidecar combination, can be seen here in the vintage motoring photos section. Motor Union car badge first issued in originally without wings.

The first 10 or so years, the police and the AA were enemies. Once you'd decided on the period of tax you needed, you go down the table, til you found the row for your vehicle's Horse Power rating a system devised I think by the RAC ironicallyand work your way across to find your car's tax rate.

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My Father has several of the flat metal AA car badges. As ofthere were an estimated 12 million members of the club. The dome badge was replaced in with a large chrome and dating aa car badges rectangular plaque, which is still in use today.

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March 24, at There is a very good dating chart on this and several other sites and guidance to price — well, look at them on eBay. I have a hexagonal flat chrome badge with basketweave background with 2 holes on the extended bit at the bottom according to the notes on this page this is rare and the number V and underneath the letter R.

From 1905 to now

Discover the history of AA car badges A sign of membership. I have a very beautiful old badge which I think belonged to my father. Some have been confused about the serial number listed on the badges, believing that these were membership datings aa car badges but, they are actually specially-assigned issuing numbers.

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There is no reference to this type of badge. And of course, distinctive badges were provided to AA member drivers fromwho would proudly display them on their vehicles.

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This is apparantly rare according to what you say at AA.