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As the decades passed, the fashion changed. Vintage 50's Beige French Deauville alligator crocodile leather purse handbag.

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Different materials and adornments take varying steps to get the purse cleaned and ready for use. Lengths of Straps on Vintage Purses Once women decide they want a vintage purse, they should first consider the length of the straps. Sequins used to be all the rage in earlier decades. A woman should know whether she is more of a beads and sequins person, or a plain or print woman.

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Women can find vintage purses at specialty handbag shops, Internet retailers, larger department stores, and online marketplaces like eBay. If not treated kindly, they are dating antique purses to cracking, scratching, and discoloration from spilled beauty products, even though they're made of plastic. Links coming detached around the hinges can also present a problem.

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Vintage purses come in several different materials. Whatever her style, a woman can search the millions of listings on eBay to find the perfect vintage purse.

Buyers should be sure to clean the leather when it gets dirty.

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If you do a lot of buying on eBay and you find either a seller or eBay Store you enjoy doing business with, you can save it to your Saved Sellers list. I have gathered some info by googling, looking at the wares of other vintage sellers and by looking up trademarks. Vintage shoulder purses evolved from the typical velvets and beads of the s, to the leather and wool of the s.

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Purse adornments came in these varying styles to fit special occasions and everyday use. Leather is a popular material for all purses, including vintage. It may not display this or other websites correctly. When finished, place the purse between two towels and press down to squeeze out the excess water.

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For deerskin or patent leather, all buyers need are mild soap and a damp rag. Women can find a vintage purse to fit their style in whichever dating antique purses they choose. Velvet needs to be cleaned with a dry, soft bristled toothbrush.

Once a woman knows which style of vintage purse she would like, there are many places for her to look.

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Yes, my password is: The beads were made to be eye-catching, and to catch the light and make the purse shine. These early purses often reflected the social status of the carrier.

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Another key component is which length to purchase, as vintage purses come in clutch or shoulder bag styles. Any books, websites or guides that you could recommend would be super helpful! I'm so glad you asked this question! Share This Page Tweet.