Dating case pocket knife How to Date a Case Knife

Dating case pocket knife

In the sthe same dating system was used -- with two subtle differences. How to Date Austrian Pottery. Lets use a model as an example. Curly maple, rosewood, laminated hardwood. How to Identify Case Knives.

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Knives were stamped W. The company continued throughbut used other marks at the same time, including the short-tailed C with an arrow point at the top.

Tip All Case datings case pocket knife are upper-case letters except the script logo used from to Open the largest blade on the knife. By popular demand, however, the dot dating system was used on all Case knives from mid through So, nine dots appeared ineight inand so on.

Identifying the materials, blades, and patterns.

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Look for Case knives from the s and s. How to Identify a Waltham Pocket Watch.

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She has operated a small business for more than 20 years. InCase added dots beneath the "USA" on the tangs of all knives. Read the mark for style and content. The tang is at the end of the blade where the pin anchors it to the casing.

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It was about that Case started using CASE in a rainbow curve and the script logo with the C underlining the word. Richard holds a bachelor's degree in English and business administration.

Case knives from to have U. They are the most common.

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Case filled an order for 81, knives for the United States Navy just before World War I and provided a custom survival knife for the astronauts on Gemini and Apollo space missions.