Dating conn saxophones Conn 6M “Transitional” Saxophones

Dating conn saxophones

Also note the lack of a pantsguard connecting to the bell keys, which appeared later. The bell keys switch from a dating conn saxophones conn saxophones bell key design to left-hand dating conn saxophones at about ,xxx. There is no Naked Lady model. This is a partial list, and represents only some of the most visible changes. Although the stamp is not shown in the photos, its existence is confirmed by its previous owner and its current owner. Numbers and Letters On the back of many Conn saxophones and other woodwinds you will find a bunch of numbers and letters.

The title is really a misnomer, because for the most part I will assume here that you can distinguish an alto saxophone from a tenor saxophone. Note the lack of pantsguard attached to the bell key guard cages.

For all intents and purposes it appears to be a fancy "Wonder" model, differing only in finish and engraving. Ok, on with the article. M This line consists of two parts: Saxpics Conn Transitional Gallery.

The "Standard" models are those with one-sided bell keys. The format varies somewhat depending on whether it is a New Wonder of Standard model. Berry didn't play a New Wonder II model tenor saxophone, but a later "Standard" or "transitional" model.

Conn Saxophone recognition guide

X Rolled tone holes. This is the type of saxophone: These were made between serials kk before they switched over to the 6M style pinky table.

One sided bell keys. The first tenor was marked ,xxxXthe dating conn saxophones ,xxxX, and the alto was marked ,xxxAX. At about the same time, the forked Eb trill disappears, and by the ,xxx serial number range the 6M design is fairly complete.

All 26Ms were stamped 26M to distinguish them from the standard model 6M. A rare variant with left hand bell keys but the New Wonder II style pinky table.

Not the original finish. Conn called the saxophones that followed the New Wonder models the "Standard" model. I don't know what feature that would be for.

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Repairing and overhauling these 6M variants is relatively straightforward, but I would recommend bringing them to a vintage saxophone specialist- ideally someone familiar with Conns- for best results. Feature table Here is a table of some of the mechanical aspects of the various saxophone models and how they differ from each other.

Dating 1by1

If you have an undamaged and completely original Conn neck with or without the stamp and also know how to use calipers correctly and feel like helping out, please send me the following measurements in thousands of an inch:. And why was the alto so far ahead of its time assuming the serial rings true s, while the tenors were only different in a few areas? In spite of persistent rumor to the contrary, Dr. Interestingly, the sculpted palm keys shown here would eventually appear on every Conn saxophone first appeared on this horn.

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I myself am not a saxophone expert; for more information please see the Conn section of the Sax Pics website. The alto also lacks the body-to-bell-key-cage pantsguard- perhaps if we could find out if a ,xxx horn would have that, that could tell us something.

Eb This is the type of saxophone: See link in text above for details. You really should click this photo and check it out in full resolution, maybe even make it your wallpaper.

Conn Saxophone Serial Number List

The pattern stays the same, but it takes up a larger space on the bell. On the one hand, this could simply mean that a body tube was stamped accidentally in the second digit with a zero- which would give it a serial from an earlier run, and the X was to denote a horn with a duplicate serial number. What I will attempt to do on this page is give some explanation on the numbers and letters you see on Conn saxophones and other woodwindsshed some light on the names floating around for Conn saxophones from the different periods and I will give a table with some of the basic mechanical!