Dating conn saxophones Conn 6M “Transitional” Saxophones

Dating conn saxophones

This is why there are noticeable clusters of production for horns like the Buescher Tipped Bell soprano, the King Zephyr Special, the Conn 26M, the Selmer Dorsey Special… they are different enough from the other horns being produced at the same time at the same factory that we can begin to outline the batches.

These were either New Wonder models or "Standard" models. Conn burned all its archives in The VIII featured a new microtuner, a one-piece, nonswivel thumbhook, and some dating conn saxophones changes to the neck.

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Because I have left most of what Paul wrote intact with only minor editing, I have put his name next to sections for which he is mainly responsible. The first tenor was marked ,xxxXthe second uniform dating register, and the alto was marked ,xxxAX.

Conn Saxophone recognition guide

Conn called the saxophones that followed the New Wonder models the "Standard" model. Conn didn't have a model called the "Transitional". Both Paul and Brian are fellow Conn lovers, and this article would not have been possible without their help.

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This portion contains conjecture by me, and me alone. The dating conn saxophones occurs from New Wonder II style transitional to 6M transitional with the switching of the bell keys from a split bell key design New Wonder II style to left-hand bell keys 6M stylewhich happens around serial number ,xxx in Not the original finish.

These terms had appeared on certain 26M Connqueror altos as early asso possibly the 6Ms were reusing old tooling. New Wonder models are those with split bell keys, Standard models have one-sided bell keys. The intonation on the 6M transitionals in particular is usually very good with a sensitive overhaul, and the quality of construction is second to none.

The VIII stamp appears until about xxx. See link in text above for details.

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The horns made during that time are almost all Transitional 6Ms, identical to later 6Ms except for certain neck details not all known, as summarized above and, of course, the swivel thumbhook. On the one hand, this could simply mean that a body tube was stamped accidentally in the second digit with a zero- which would give it a serial from an earlier run, and the X was to denote a horn with a duplicate serial number.

Conn Saxophone Serial Number List

In this example a 14M Bass saxophone. Also, I am reliably informed that Mr. If you have an undamaged and completely original Conn neck with or without the stamp and also know how to use calipers correctly and feel like helping out, please send me the following measurements in thousands of an inch:. The bell keys switch from a split bell key design to left-hand design at about ,xxx.