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All the pipes were made from the same sized datings custombilt pipes, which were not of Magnum size. I guess I'm just lucky that I have a bit of both in my rack. Unger wrote that stamp five was a mystery, out of the hundreds of pipes he had examined only seven had this stamp making it rare in his opinion.

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Started 5 years ago by philobeddoe Latest reply from captainsousie. I buffed the stems with Tripoli after cleaning them to try and break down the coat of oxidation. A couple of our more "famous" pipe experts should read the book as an instructional guide demonstrating the importance of factual record-keeping instead of pretty, dust-jacketed, hard-covered books valuable only for collecting the author's personalized signature on the inside cover. It is a must for the serious pipe collector. The next series of photos show the process of the sanding and the resultant look of the stem at this point.

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Bill did a great job and I highly recommend it. The finished pipe is pictured in the last four photos.

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Bill Unger has provided a scholarly compilation of Custombilt literature gleaned from corporate records, business correspondence, advertisements and interviews with various survivorsand his effort will serve as a yardstick by which similar books will be measured in the future.

All collectors would benefit by looking at the pictures if only to see the large number of variations of dating custombilt pipes pipes created by Tracy Mincer and his successors. Silber, spoke of Tracy Mincer, whose unique carving process was copied by the Victory Pipe craftsman who produced Cellini Originals.

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I then ran the stem though the various grits of micro-mesh pads and dry, I removed the tape before sanding the whole stem with and Then there are the famous pipes that followed Custombilts, which most American collectors do not know are direct successors, including "The Doodler" and "Tracy Mincer" pipes. I now ran the stem though the various grits of micro-mesh wet and dry ,polishing to a shine.

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Numerous Custombilts and some 30 years later, I read with interest the correspondence which appeared in The Ephemeris written by various "experts" who disagreed about the origins and demise of Tracy Mincer and his famous pipes. I worked it on the sponge until it was clean and then used a cotton swab and alcohol to clean up what remained.

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I scrubbed it until the soap was brown and frothy. I finished up with grit sandpaper wet to remove the file marks. Email me, Tim at Pipesrevival gmail.

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As I took it from the bath I scrubbed it with a brass bristle tire brush to get into the crevices on the pipe and the rustication. Looks like A Custombilt but is only marked imported Briar.

InLeonard Rodgers bought the company and emphasized tobacco pouches and butane lighters.

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