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He showed initial interest in talking, even mentioning a potential visit to Baltimore, but now things have cooled. He drops all communication with me, and I have to fight to get him to communicate. Do we stay or go?

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But they also might have friends who join you afterwards. You sound sweet and vulnerable and that gives him all the control. One comes from the heart and means that I adore them. Long distance relationships are VERY difficult. Hopefully, he will see how much you love him and want it to dating doctor coleman and "get it! Friday, February 11, 1 p. I would really love to see him again, but he's in Connecticut and I'm in Baltimore.

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I was with a guy for 13 years and when we moved in together after we became engaged things fell apart. You have truly inspired me this school year! I always have to do the asking -- I can only think of one or two situations where a man was bold enough to even come over and talk to me. I want it back!

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When they can't have something or someone, they want it or them more than anything. If you don't think you are an incredible catch, why would anyone else.

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Without knowing you I can only assume that your demeanor or outward attitude is conveying that you are not interested in them or already taken. So, beat her to the punch. Do not disregard online dating.

That was probably a smart move.

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Meaning, it is wonderful to be close as a couple but make sure to have lives apart as well. But clearly things aren't going as well as I think they are if guys don't call again. A "hmm" is someone you see who stops you dead in your tracks and makes you go hmm!!!

I'd feel more confident if he spoke of me in absolutes: I think he either has a dating doctor coleman problem or truly doesn't love me. He knows I love him, but he keeps holding back. I am 39 years old and decided to have children out of two of those relationships even though I never married.

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Did you just hear David speak live and need more personalized advice? He meant to speak for only an hour, but the audience was so engaged he ended up speaking for almost two!