Dating epilepsy 13 Things You Should Know If You're Dating Someone Who Has Epilepsy

Dating epilepsy

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Sex It's possible to have a seizure during sex but this is not any more likely to happen than at other times. The most commonly reported problems for men are a reduced interest in sex, and getting and keeping an erection. Many people felt that, if their boyfriend or girlfriend couldn't cope with their epilepsy, then they wouldn't be the right person for them anyway. Had no idea I was pregnant til one morning I woke up feeling different.

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Epilepsy has never given me X-Men dating epilepsy powers, or a visit by a Vatican Priest for an exorcism. She used to be here yeah and I took her to the disco and I danced with her. If your partner tells you what their symptoms of a normal seizure are and they start to experience them you need to know what to do next. Some people use humour to dating epilepsy to deal with, or avoid, difficult feelings.

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Be seizure aware - if they have regular seizures know what happens to them in a seizure and how long they usually last. He stayed calm through the whole thing.

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Becky can totally rely on her partner. Helen says it's hard to know when to tell people about her epilepsy. Personally, I'm probably going to switch back to Dilantin for this very dating epilepsy, but again if he is having function issues, it is likely the drug and could change for the better if he switches to something else.

I suppose again because I wasn't having them every day it's not, you can't, you kind of really, you kind of forget that I've got it in a way, it isn't an everyday occurrence.

A Blog about Living a Whole Life With Epilepsy

Well, Im a 30 yr old female who was dx'd with Epilepsy at the age of 18 months. They were mostly all in my sleep!

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I believed those were 2 traits that would not cause epilepsy to be a scare to my true partner. It does affect them but we have a laugh about it, with your mates and they deal with it. Most of the time I am totally, completely, and utterly dating epilepsy, and I feel entirely myself again. Others may want to keep a balance between talking about epilepsy and other important things as well.

Know what works best for them so you can support them and make sure you keep an eye on them in case they have another seizure.

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She's not here now. Know what their warning signs are - do they experience an aura, such as having a strange taste in their mouth or funny feeling in their stomach? No, you know, you know, I don't want you to see me I was looking I was looking like rubbish. Some also talked about how, because of frequent seizures and lack of social networks, it was difficult to meet new people.

All of the people that I was in the past responded really well when I told them that I had epilepsy.

Relationships and epilepsy

What kinds of seizures does your guy have? I kind of think of dating as a job interview: I searched for friendship and honesty when I looked for a partner. Notify me of new comments via email.

I'm dating someone with epilepsy A new relationship can be both exciting and daunting for dating epilepsy. I remember managing to get to the phone sort of and cause I'm so upset you know the dating epilepsy thing you want to do is you want a cuddle or something, the first thing you think to do is like to ring like the person that you wanna be with, so I sort of ring work and sort of say, 'Oh, I think I've had a seizure.

Many people with epilepsy do not have specific issues with sex that are caused by their epilepsy.

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