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Al hamdullah I passed on the message as if you guys,Djzubaid and Tapezius, are Muslims will be asked about this in the day of judgement.

Let me remind you we were here only to give advice and opinions ,well for your information i have never dated but have witnessed it gone disastrous here. Vast majority of people throw rubbish on streets, drive like mad men, cut lines, are rude and disrespectful, etc. Subscribe to our newsletter and get our latest, sent right to your inbox.

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I live here in Riyadh and I have a friend who is a girl and I wanted to meet her at some place. If you don't have any intention to marry this girl then why come to KSA? Where would you see that? For compounds what are the available compounds that are available for anyone to go and for coffee shops is there any coffee shop that has a family section with privacy.

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I believe, you already got quite a lot of good advises Her offense, she was alone in a car with a Saudi guy I have no idea what happened to the guy. All he wanted was to know how meet his girlfriend.

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Everyday life in Ali Yamama 3 compound. You will see groups of boys in malls, and groups of girls, but never mixed groups.

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I lived almost all my life in the UK and run away to come to live here and feel very content. They were kicked out by our security and the host was fined and warned that if they invite such people they will be asked to leave the compound.

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Indeed i understand your datings in riyadh saudi arabia and also ov dating these are coming from ,but lets not forget that it not we who are dating,indeed you have some political and religious issues with free english dating site in germany USA or whatever but lets face it you can preach but you can force anyone to accept your believes and please once again ,lets have some respect to the thread creator.

They are only harming themselves, as opposed to the barbaric drivers more than half the drivers who put others' lives at risk, but no one seems to care about that or bat an eyelid!

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It protects our women and men from adultery and unlawfall sexual relationaships. Please let me know if you have any experience with that. But I have been with women in public places, burger joints, cafes without an issue.