Dating leather boots thigh high leather boots

Dating leather boots

They get kind of hot and slippery Always thinking Hot, always thinking. I love them on a lady also! I think they are hot I would wear them but I have BIG beautiful thighs I'm with Stormy and Brit on this dating leather boots.

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Have a pair from way back when, don't wear them anymore, but maybe I'll play dress up on my next date. Now I could work my way up those laces!

Put her in a pair of black biker chaps? Brit, ive decided ill buy you a new pair of boots. I was recently dresses in lace boots.

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Calf high boots are good enough for me. And what ever gave you that Ideal. That's a piss poor photoshop job. I did too many sports in school so boots are out. She couldn't beat me off with a stick.

Ihave an awesome pic but I don't know how to put a picture on a page. You can use them to tie me up.

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Can't get the boot leggings past my ankle. I wish I had Dr. I like the thigh high boots but I Love the knee high boots! I don't know about thigh high but atleast to the knee.

Thigh high leather boots.

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I'd love to see a keeper in her boots!!!!