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Make a decision that you won't regret. Choose your username Your username is how other community members will see you. Yeah, marriage still needs approval from parents after all.

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His love life experiences were never anywhere as well. Raymond treated that as a YES. For the first time in his life, Raymond decided to get his hair highlighted just for the sake of spending some extra minutes with the HOT hairstylist. Otherwise use the original title. If you are providing a translated title, indicate the original language e. Dont always by her side. His vast knowledge of hair salons in Ipoh amazed only a handful of his friends. But inherently it is a question of practising malay culture and embracing islam - there is less resistance if the chinese guy converts to Islam and practise in full well before dating malay guy.

Almost one year passed and my dating malay guy with my gypsy dating websites is still as happy as we are in the first year dating and we are planning to get married within 3 years from now. I think to most Chinese it's like walking into a cage. Submitted links should be related to Malaysia or Malaysians. Just look at Thailand You need to rationalise the situation and think if its worth it.

Has to do with the traditional thinking that when girls marry boys, the girls now belong to the boy's family.

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A subreddit for Malaysia and all things Malaysian. End of the day, the power of love still lies in your hands. So what should I do? Seeking local personal finance tips? We have feelings as well, have some respect.

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Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them. Today, since started dating malay guy in KL, Raymond frequents hair salon for hair wash every week, visits Chic Salon by Soong Ai Ling at Bangsar to do manicure every month and do facial every 5 weeks at his favorite spa somewhere remotely located in Klang Valley.

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Safe to say if he's very much attached to the world, he'll find it difficult. No other people should try to break them up with factors such as religions.

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When a malay man gets together with a chinese woman, he is expected to guide the woman to Islam. So now I'm just looking for advice to help me with my I problem Jessie was surprised yet happy because none of her guy friends including the Chinese went to see her parents just to introduce themselves. Im Malay and my bf is chinese. Submission Guidelines Read the rules in the sidebar before making a submission.