Dating old spice bottles Old Spice Bottles

Dating old spice bottles, how to date old spice items

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The first shaving mugs in contained shaving soap packaged in a wood veneer box. Would it be possible for the Traditional Old Spice to be packaged in the glass bottles for the holiday season? Submitted by Linda Casey not verified on Sun, Submitted by Mark G.

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I appreciate, read and will keep your comments in mind when developing future articles. The strength in PET comes from stretching, and we're literally not stretching the bottle because it is so heavyweight.

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The one dating old spice bottles that has always set it apart from the others was it's unique bottle. Submitted by James Murtder not verified on Wed, Remarking on the longevity of the filling and packaging line used for Old Spice, Cadle says: The photograph does not capture the gold color of this bottle because much of it has flaked away! Shulton was forced to adopt automatic filling and closing processes making the pottery bottles a thing of the past.

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What the company kept the same was the well-recognized look of the Old Spice bottle, which has been the same since the company first bought the scent from Shulton Co. Old Spice Collectibles Novelty Bottles.

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The bottles have Stopper 4. To give the bottle the necessary glossy look, the companies eventually decided on PET resin from Eastman Chemical Company www. In reality, both Hull Pottery and Shulton were pleased with the introduction of the glass bottles. After the beginning of WWII, the boxes switched to cardboard.

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Could the packaging have changed the fragrance? Derek not verified on Thu, This style of glass bottle dates from It might be worth my while to buy up the glass bottles currently in stock at local drugstores!

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I would rather have a transparent Old Spice bottle rather than a plastic ivory colored one. No more Old Spice for me, thank you.

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We are seeing a trend towards replacing glass bottles with PET for everything from wine to cologne.