Dating one direction wattpad -One Direction Preferences-

Dating one direction wattpad, bsm- he finds out you're dating one of the boys

BSM: You're Dating One of the Boys Secretly pt 1

Soon enough Louis and Harry came back, Hadry had a cut on his head and Louis had a bruised arm and bloody knuckles. You didn't know what to say.

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It was a slow Tuesday summer evening as you walked to the kitchen, passing the living room and seeing your sister and Harry-her gorgeous boyfriend-watching a movie. You were absoloutely heartbroken and quickly told Niall about what had happened.

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You pulled your present out from under your bed and handed it to him. Harry was too busy glaring at Niall to notice.

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I was almost sure it was Harry, but it's Liam! How could you not tell me you're crushing on Niall?

55: Your his sister, your dating another member and he cheats.

That way he can't run from the conversation. You sighed, giving in.

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You pushed past everyone until you got to the bus when you finally sat on the couch. I knew you were trouble when you walked in You used your thumb to whip the tear. Also, maybe you wanna follow my tumblr? You saw all of the boys walk in and sit on the couch except for Zayn who hugged you tightly, kissing your cheek lightly. She's been keeping it to herself for a bit now, I'm guessing.

100) BSM-You're Dating A Band Member but Something Goes Wrong -Request-

You knew yourself you just weren't going to say anything because, well, what is there to really say? More to come soon. Zayn- You mom was going crazy. You got to his room and slid your key in there too, when you opened the door, you got a surprise you didn't want. You and Liam were the only two in there while the other boys dating one direction wattpad goofing around in the hallway.

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Niall- You had just left your brother, Niall's, house. You went onto Twitter and furrowed your eyebrows when you saw the trend " NiallCheated" which made your heart drop. You decided it's best not to question where this even came from. I'm working on an imagines book just for him.