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C Series - Cummins Diesel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If you need extra time, call us for permission. Inthe engine production work that had continued at Petter Staines was moved into the Lister-Petter facility at Dursley, and the Petter Staines site was sold and, indemolished.

Jacobs then designed his dating petter engines gas engine for Petter; it was intended to drive a "horseless academics dating website. In the s, sales of small engines were down worldwide because of over production. We made small electric motors and switchboards.

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Petter also manufactured the two-stroke M-type petrolthe S-type stationary diesel, the A-type, and the A1-type, the only noticeable difference on the previous two being the position of the magneto: This page was last edited on 25 Juneat Use dmy dates from October These were from 5 to hp in size, two-stroke but full diesel. The Petter Service Division, which had remained in Staines with the headquarters' offices, was moved to Hamble, and all the other Petter divisions were phased out.

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Sir Ernest and Percy Petter became directors on the new board. These archives included microfilm records and drawings of the Petter companies as well as the obsolete records of other manufacturers. Lister Petter TS Engine.

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Bythe headquarters' offices were moved out of Staines to Dursley in Gloucester, and the dating petter engines was renamed again, to Lister Petters Co. McLarens in Leeds, and this is where my involvement began with Petters. The new management offered me a position as troubleshooter for the Petter products; in the meantime, all service and supply of parts for the other companies' engines was ceased.

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In response, the new chairman of Associated and of Petters, A. Ina limited company was formed, titled James B. Initially, a batch of horizontal, single-acting, high-speed steam engines were produced, called the "Yoevil" engine, but an article in "The Boy's Own" paper, which appeared under the heading of "Model Gas Engine," inspired the trio of young designers and engineers to look at the possibility of designing their own gas engine.

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Otherwise, no exceptions to Lister Petter TR Engine. From then, I gradually took over all the Petter engine information.