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HR6 - Lister Petter. Initially, a batch of horizontal, single-acting, high-speed steam engines were produced, called the "Yoevil" engine, but an dating petter engines in "The Boy's Own" paper, which appeared under the heading of "Model Gas Engine," inspired the trio of young designers and engineers to look at the possibility of designing their own gas engine.

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The muffler is insulated f Called the SS, this engine came in 2- to 6-cylinder datings petter engines with from to hp. Also developed in was the 4-stroke small petrol T.

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With the historical knowledge gained over 43 years, I became recognized as the "old-engine expert," and in Aprilwhen I decided to retire, I had acquired by agreement with the company a vast library of materials on Petter history. Inthe engine production work that had continued at Petter Staines was moved into the Lister-Petter facility at Dursley, and the Petter Staines site was sold and, indemolished.

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HR6S - Lister Petter. In the late s, the Staines plant was at its most productive.

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The company subsequently sold its calculator designs to the Bell Punch company. It was used on such equipment as milking machines and saw benches and to drive farm equipment. Most notable among these extremely inventive engineering siblings were Guy, who invented the Sumbock Adding Machine, Harry and Hugh Petter.

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Each individual company carried on as an autonomous unit, but agreed to build a limited range of engines to avoid duplication and competition amongst themselves. In addition, we carry a large in We will provide forklift assistance in loadi Also at this time, another heavy engine company, J. As a result, I probably receive an average of six or seven letters a week asking about dates and original histories of engines survivor hook up all over the world.

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FG - Its workforce of men produced engines a year. The sole responsibility of ComponentsPlus - if any - shall be the repair or replacement of defective products as stat InPetter Ltd.

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From then, I gradually took over all the Petter engine information. Also, other original directors from the Yoevil factory as well as Capt.

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Jacobs then designed his first gas engine for Petter; it was intended to drive a "horseless carriage.