Dating playing cards How To Date A Deck Of Playing Cards (USPC)

Dating playing cards

From left to right: Don Boyer on May 17, I do not know if other manufacturers, who often also have codes on ace of spades or other cards, varied the codes by identifiable dates.

Corrected the OP dating playing cards your plethora of knowledge, Don. Buy and frame our classic Rider Back logo poster, featuring Cupid riding a bike inside of a spade.

Manufacturer Names

Later cases came in more simple and plain black flat plastic cases, and even later in slip cases similar to Congress brand decks. The overprint mentions 'Act of ', when taxes were increased, and on the second stamp also the new value '7 CENTS'. Mar 19, Messages: Pretty simple, really, and I am dating playing cards to give most people the benefit of the doubt, and say it's an honest mistake.

The stamp was cancelled by K.

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These cards were sold as a pair for the celebrations of their Silver Jubilee inof which there is a picture on the other pack. Do they all come in Bakelite cases?

Bridge score cards In those packs where a bridge-score card has been included, we find a very useful aid to dating for a short period at any rate.

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The four main British manufacturers have the following dates: You are using an out of date browser. The s are designed to maintain their original form and to be handled for many hours without symptoms of wear or suffering any tears.

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Waddington wasn't even making cards in The bicycle later acquired two wheels of normal size. During the past decade, Lee has taught his style of magic to other magicians worldwide. Then followed a series of playing card kings on bikes.

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The Viet Cong even regarded lady liberty as a goddess of death. The back design will indicate that the top one is earlier than the bottom one, as the close-permed hair gave way to the softer waves in the early s, and the ample skirt in the bottom example reflects the New Look, a fashion that arrived in England inthough the restrictions on clothing materials meant it was far from widespread to start with.

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Note, too, that any pack with Goodall courts and a Waddington AS must be afterwhen the courts were transferred for printing by the Leeds firm after De La Rue's Bunhill Row factory was destroyed in the Blitz. They were in use from to You see an awful lot of claims that the case is Bakelite.

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A B C D E F G H J K L M N P R S T U W X Y Z A Neo-Romanesque bell tower 4-stories high was built in atop the company's 4-story main building entrance. Aces of spades The details of English makers' ASs are given in my book and on the plainbacks website, in particular, in my contribution to the site on the right of the first page.

For an exercise in dating some Goodall packs, see page If you like sleight of hand, then you'll be glad you signed up.

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American Playing Card Co. There is another type similar to Goodall's 1 and 2 above, which is slightly smaller and positioned differently, and there is another one between 3 and 5, which only seems to have been used c. Old Frizzle lasted from untilbut within that period it is possible to differentiate on the basis of court card design.