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Dating sites our time

To find out more, please read our complete terms of use. Free members are able to send Flirts and view profiles, but you must be a paid member to use any other feature.

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Once I figured out how to work the website one of the worst interfaces I have ever seen. Auto Renewal was automatically set without my knowledge!

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This way, you don't have to worry about keeping track of your username -- just make sure to remember your password and you'll be fine. The advanced search function includes additional options such as marital status, relationship expectations, zodiac, and religion.

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I did email canceling but my account has already been charged. I was tricked into joining for 6 months. The reason I had a case for dispute is because they did not disclose the amount I would be charged prior to processing my payment. In addition as soon as I renew my subscription I online dating sydney gay drop down to 1 or two views per day and 1 message ever week or so. How to Connect in Continuing Education Class baby boomers.

Wish I had looked into reviews before paying for 3 datings sites our time.

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It seems that many sites of this kind, have a lot to improve. I have been unable to get to the correct site to cancel. Most of the time is spent getting rid of scammers. Lots of creepers who made me want to take a shower. As with any dating site, you'll want to change those criteria over time based on the other user's responses and "Match" requirements.

There are some girls who are clearly on to rip off older guys. I wanted off this site and was billed for the next 6 months. Were there justice in this world these losers would be forced to watch porn 24 hours a day with their hands cuffed behind their datings sites our time One user had my profile removed and when I contacted Our time and asked why they told me they could not see why it was removed and put it back. Each of your past relationships taught you something about yourself and others. What they are doing is not fraudulent, in banking termsbut very bad business practices.

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It may sound shallow, but the thumbnail photos accompanying these messages are incredibly small, forcing you to view the user's profile to even get a glimpse of the real image.

But I think she could have been married and her and her husband date others but that is not the sites fault nor can they stop those games. They ARE thieves and their website sucks. Why do males fee they have the right to choose one they feel is a good match, but females are accused of being picky or stuck up when we reject those who we feel are just not a good match?

But they need to screen everyone better, keep the scammers and fake profiles off. I am retired and cannot afford this.

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My profile was deleted twice and a totally new one replaced and composed of complete garbage. I've been on Our Time about 1.

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I tried to sign up for one month only but somehow I was charged for 6 months. Saying rude comments and completely fabricating anything I am about! Our newsletters Sign up for our newsletters.

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I thought POF was bad but at least it is free!! I never got one response from anyone I messaged.

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I had a very disturbing experience on one date and it still haunts me. They also stripped some stuff out of my profile for no good reason just a URL reference that left me looking like an idiot. Three times during my 4 months, I received messages from accounts which were hacked — so it happens a lot.

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Ourtime is a niche-dating site designed for mature singles.