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Dating tintype photographs, fashion & style

Easy to store and carry, KwikTip research guides are perfect for quick reference in the home, office, library, and on research trips.

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Design and colors of these cards followed those of the cards of that time. Step two was to make a contact [print] with a second sheet of sensitized paper to make a positive print.

Style clues & cues in antique photos

Do not try to clean the face of a tintype. Flaws that were not obvious in the smaller cards now became very visible.

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These were only popular for a few years and were seldom used after Government and the railroads in the Far West, and with the geological expeditions moving into the unmapped wilderness beyond the Rocky Mountains. Does back of image plate look like copper? Vintage datings tintype photographs A look at how women wore their hair in eras past, illustrated with photos of modern recreations.

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KwikTip research guides give you a convenient and fact-filled tool to help you determine dates for your 19th century photographs pictures. Cartouche cards appeared in about Clothes and Styles Since the tintype lived a long and varied life, clothes and personal styles can be taken into account to help date a picture.

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Enter a photo type into its search engine and you will see many examples that may turn out to be similar to the photograph you are researching. Wikipedia The collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia provides a nicely detailed collection of articles about the many eras of clothing fashion.

Plate Size and Color

To identify the wet- plate negative, look for an uneven coating were the syrupy colloidal base of the dating tintype photographs plate did not flow to the very edges of the glass. Lighter and less costly to manufacture.

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What work did he do? Suggestions of rouge cheeks or lips suggested a person of substance. To learn more about my mystery photo, I checked examples of photos in the collections of Andrew J.

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Photographs mounted on card stock. The information provided here can turn you into a proficient photo detective.

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Browse through the broader category of the s and s also to see more personal styles, even though the image may be a CDV. Both are holding cigars.

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A card stock product, nearly four times the size of previous photographs on card stock. See the KwikTip Research Guides here.