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Dating vera neumann scarf

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Whatever your preference, be assured that Vera left us with plenty of choices, all distinctively "Vera. Photo courtesy and copyright of Couture Allure Vintage. These are the non-vintage Vera scarves. Here is a brief guide to dating your vintage Vera scarf.

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The signature and the bug were about the same size. Collecting Vera There are lots of Vera collectors, and there is so much material that no two collections are alike.

In the s the Vera signature would continue to grow, and the ladybug would disappear, except for a brief period in the mid s when it would return for a short time before disappearing again. In the post- WWII period, army surplus silk which had been used for parachutes, became available at cheap prices. Vera scarves continued to be made after her death, and today the trademark is owned by The Vera Company of Atlanta, GA.

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Scarf collectors seem to be attracted to a particular type of Vera designs; some love the polka dots, others prefer the bold florals or datings vera neumann scarf, and still others want just the geometrics. Recently target has begun selling licensed Vera scarves, though these are not vintage. Late 50s- The Vera signature became capitalized.

In the 80s and early 90s her signature would shrink again, and the ladybug is nowhere to be found. The ladybug was used less and less, and the signature got larger. Her gorgeous and varied designs make her a designer that anyone can love.

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Vera left nothing to chance, making a sample of each scarf in the New York factory, and sending it along with the dye formulas to the factory in Japan. Note the difference in the datings vera neumann scarf tag from this period. Note that the signature also slants a little to the left.

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He asked if he could submit designs for the clothing lines, and Vera encouraged him to do so. These were usually dating malaysia from parachute silk, which was in abundance following WW2. Late s- The Vera signature became capitalized.

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In later garments from the late s and into the s, the fabric is an over-all design and there is usually no logo on the outside of the clothing. For a time the Neumans also lived in the mansion.

The ladybug became much smaller than signature. Hints for Dating Vera Scarves and Clothing Vera clothing is found with a label like the one to the right. Vera Bradley Crosstown Tote Bag. Vera began designing textiles in after she and her husband, George Neumann founded Printex along with partner Werner Hamm. The earliest scarves were signed vera in a very small print.

The starting place for each design was always the 36" scarf. Signature started to slightly shrink. She liked his work, and he became a designer for Vera. Vera's brother, Philip Salaff, joined the company, and it was he who was responsible for the organization of Printex.

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Here is a timeline to help date Vera scarves using the signature printed on the scarf. Just be aware that are exceptions. Altman, where he made the company's first sale.

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Many prints were done in color and also in black and white. They like the clothing that is bold and graphic, and in which there is an obvious designer's hand.

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Vera died in