Dating wes high school story Autumn Brooks

Dating wes high school story

During AlinaMia and Wes are looking for Koh in the junkyard in the main story questbefore going he kisses Alina and holds her hand. She is nicer to him than anyone else as he is rarely on the receiving end of her insults and snide comments. Autumn mentions her that her stepmother has a friend who works for Katie Collins a clothes brand that Mia likes.

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Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected. My bad but now he's online official with someone else so I kinda dont wanna b evil and break da relationship.

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Autumn does what Pandora asks but her mother's locket was destroyed anyway. His outfit, much like the other main story characters, changes depending on the seasonal update but he is usually seen in coats or hoodies. Payton and Autumn or Koh and Ezra? I for one think that they shouldn't force you to date at all, yet there are still quests requiring a person dating my MC Some might say you're a people-pleaser, but you genuinely enjoy making other people happy and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Save changes Preview Cancel. Like Nishan, you're the smart one in your friend group.

Autumn Brooks

Mar 20, 0: Also pretty popular I've had a fair amount of stuff for them. You handle bad situations with grace, a trait that many of your friends are impressed by, but you don't always confide in people who want to help. Is Wes a bad or good guy? You love giving advice, and also love throwing parties to get all of your friends under one roof.

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Share On link Share On link. Nate later hires Wes to discover more about Zoe's boyfriend Howard DeGeest so that they will split up. After I got Wes I got him 'in love' with my main character.

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They often have conflicting opinions, often due to their differing living and family situations. What do you think? During their first encounter, and some encounters following this, she is seen flirting with him.

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So begins another week of the school. Maybe if you're a girl pair yourself with Julian. I remember these correctly apart from these a few more times in the main story and in the time sensitive quests like Magic Funland,Great Eggspectations etc lots of cute moments with Wes.

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He also puts in a lot of dating wes high school story into planning Autumn's birthday party in The Last Minute Birthday Party and he remembers everything she likes such as her favourite bakery and what camera she likes.

He wears the Level 1 Slacker outfit. Unlock Koh at 17, and Katherine at 24!

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Except for Mia and bridgette and Kara, and that's because there and She's his girlfriend for 25 levels. Julian seems like a stud lol.