Dating with no friends Should You Date Women Who Don't Have Friends?

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If someone can't make friends, that's a huge warning sign. I mostly hang out with my sis and the club I'm in. How would you feel about dating someone who has no friends, would you? This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit. But I just really really hate most people and if a guy had datings with no friends and lots of friends then i'd have to deal with that and all them people I am the same way and I have managed to meet someone that I have been together with for now 11 months. Depending on the datings with no friends for it, her lack of friends can work for or against you.

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Texting, chatting, etc with friends from back home. Edward Cullen has no friends yet is the mysterious hot guy on campus. He didn't understand her need to be around friends without him. My circumstances surrounding the friend issue is quite a difficult one and would take up a lot of time trying to explain, but I can't start making friends again until September when I go to university. And there's entry of people out there that new that one good friend. The right gal will most likely either a be a bit like you in mindset and understand your reason behind being a proverbial 'loner', or b be drawn to you due to how intriguing the differences are.

News and current affairs Replies: Don't take it too personally. My girlfriend and I have known each other over 10 years, so she knew how I am. Just shoot me now.

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Get Started Today's posts Unanswered posts. As long as you aren't saying "I stayed at home all weekend by myself because I'm a big fat loser and everyone hates me.

Originally Posted by gentleman caller View Post. So if your boyfriend does not any friends of his own, it could give rise to certain unhappy consequences for you too.

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Obviously not everyone is prone to being clingy, but my ex-boyfriend stopped seeing his friends as much over the course of us dating. It seems so weird if I end up always hanging out with HER friends; eventually won't she ask about mine?

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No using URL-shortening sites. I would never judge a guy based on how many 'friends' he has. University of Cambridge Replies: Skip to main content.


I empathize with you, but as a female myself I know I'd be overjoyed with the discovery, since if someone doesn't let many people in and may let me meet that one friend they see on occasion, it's a big step. If a guy had no friends at all, I'd be quite concerned. Here are some available suggestions. I'd like to think of myself as a "social introvert" if such a thing exists. This is an archived post. I know I'm young and stuff, but I have 1 true friend and couple of acquaintances, I'm just curious if any of you have been in a relationship where your bf or gf, questioned your social life or lack of friends etc.

If someone is too busy for friends, he's probably too busy for a relationship.

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Notifications You have no notifications. Originally Posted by Nekomata View Post. Neither me nor him are all that social so we arent really the type to go on group dates and such, but at the end of the day- you and your partner are all that matter in your relationship, not all the outside influences or people surrounding you.