Dating with self harm scars Self-harm scars on girls- big turn off?

Dating with self harm scars, select as most helpful opinion?

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I know a girl with tons on her thighs and she is on the verge of getting a boyfriend. If they could be removed I may feel different, but I don't know. Already have an account? Someone will look past them. Philosophy, religious studies and theology Replies: She hadn't done any cutting, she was just holding the blade.

Every one is valid.

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There's some really nice and thoughtful people here and it makes me feel accepted. You said why would you trust someone who self harmed to raise your kids.

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Follow 11 Be true to yourself, that's all you can do. For those who haven't done it, self-harm is hard to understand. Psychologically, it's a lot for a non to deal with, and many just aren't capable or interested in trying. Follow 20 Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. Follow 4 Mine were very noticeable, they've faded now.

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No - too old for that now. Follow 16 I had an old scar from trying to slit my rists and heyet he still loves me the same. I would date you, but probably always be on the lookout for signs that things are going badly again.

I'd bet everyone I've ever dated had something about them that would have me saying 'no' to a single-line question like this. So don't mingle2 christian dating for any guy, settle for a good guy that is right for you.

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I would be completely ok with it. It would be slightly off-putting, but if it was a while ago and I thought it could work it wouldn't bother me.

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Some of the most stable people I know have had really bad pasts and have learned coping mechanisms to get them through things others wouldn't be equipped for. If you just casually reply that you had some self-harm issues when I ask about the scars, I won't think much about it.

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But if a guy really likes you, then it wouldn't matter if you have any scars. Follow 14 I went through a severe self-harm addiction after which I ended up dating with self harm scars dark scars on one ankle, and entire left arm up to my shoulder and they have not faded much since I stopped, but I have stopped completely for quite awhile now.

Otherwise, I'd be left wondering what other problems you might have had that you haven't gotten over yet.

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I said I wouldn't date them for the sake of that mental breaking point. But that's not relevant.

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Yes, because I have and would again. Follow 13 She also mentioned about possibly getting them removed someday. Because marriage is a long scenario of someone watching your back while you watch theirs. People will still love you.