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Which might make you feel invalidated.

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We didn't know how to proceed after the trip, and the uncertainly caused some conflicts arising from insecurities in both parties. Dating older chicks Originally Posted: It's worth pursuing, you just have to stop being a huge pussy.

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We met at a later point, he was 38 and I was Each year that passes makes it more and more difficult for her to have the child she wants.

Although she has been with many men in the past, killer dating profile has never been this committed with one before. Omnomnom26May 26, We were together for about a year and a half before we broke up.

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Initially I was a little insecure about the age difference, but that quickly disappeared. Not sure I'm keen on being the older partner, even though I still occasionally get asked for ID when buying alcohol.

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Also, the only time I think about our age difference is along the lines of "gee, I've been driving for 23 years now and he's only been driving for nine. Any helpful dating woman 6 years older here is appreciated. Just thinking of dating with the possibility of long-term.

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Subscribe to this Discussion. Similar Threads Would you marry someone up to 10 years older than you? I also get to joke that I'll die before him, so he has to wait on me in the nursing home and bring me brisket and beer.

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That's taking it to another level that already presumes a serious commitment, makes you have to deal with more issues than you should have to right away before the relationship's cemented and she's somewhat older and likely more set in her ways and flexibility is a key to sharing a home together successfullyand might make breaking it off harder than it needs to be if it's not working out i. And if that means you have to travel thousands of miles or spend a couple months away from each other at a time, well Once into my '50's the age related situation arose of me being aware of retirement in the next years while that was not on his radar at all.

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Follow 16 RoBoforceMay 26, We don't even notice the age difference any more.