Do batman and wonder woman ever hook up Why Batman and Wonder Woman are the Perfect DC Power Couple

Do batman and wonder woman ever hook up

In order to save Wonder Woman, Batman was forced to testify to his love for the Amazon princess in the form of song.

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Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: What did you think of the new Justice League promo, and are you open to a Diana-Bruce pairing? Will she be a lone wolf who just bashes goons in the face?

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Wonder Woman presents the perfect solution to both issues. Wonder Woman and Batman come from different worlds, but they are kindred spirits. Batman fights a one man war against the out of control criminal element in his city, while Wonder Woman wants to use the Amazon message of peace which often contradicts with her warrior mentality to unlock humanity's true potential.

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Batman is a good man, bent by the world but not broken. Heinberg and his successors on the title -- mainly Gail Simone, who ended up writing the bulk of the issue series -- kept Nemesis around.

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Superman As previously mentioned, romances between Diana of Themyscira and Kal-El of Krypton have until recently been non-canonical, but they have happened. Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected. They are both dedicated to truth and justice and both fight evil to save the good -- traits shared by both the high testosterone and high estrogen type.

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In the Justice League beyond 2. They also have many cultural and biological traits that will fuel their romance.

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Wonder Woman instantly fits inside his crazy weird world of crimefighting. After the sorceress Circe transformed Wonder Woman into a pig, Batman agreed to exchange "something precious" in order to get her back. Justice League 'Justice League': In Kingdom Comean alternate history novel, the two marry, have kids, and grow old together in Smallville. She fights crime alongside dos batman and wonder woman ever hook up like Batman and Superman, but she romances outside the circle. I'd always wondered if it had any basis in the comics.

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There, young Princess Diana helped nurse him back to health and gradually fell for him. This worked because Batman at the time was dead and this was just an illusion designed by the Goddess Aphrodite to wake Wonder Woman out of her Black Lantern thrall. In honor of the event, DC partnered with popular online dating site Match.

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In an out of continuity Trinity series, Batman first saw Wonder Woman when she was bathing in the woods and he was so overcome by her beauty and the taurus woman dating aries man of the island, he kissed her.

Their relationship ultimately ended when Tresser realized Wonder Woman didn't really love him.

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You may have to register before you can post: But the similarities don't end there. The show's relationship was way more fun than Superman and Wonder Woman. No amount of pushing or angst would drive Wonder Woman away, as long as Wonder Woman wanted to be to be with him. Results 1 to 15 of

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