Dota 2 matchmaking unfair Blocked IP Address

Dota 2 matchmaking unfair

Originally posted by Purdurabu:. What happens beyond that is a mystery to them.

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I won't spoil it for anyone else who comes into this thread, but they should look at the team comps from your last several matches. No, I'm not mad about losing games. It took a whole day of this happening for me to finally take the time to write this post, because it's getting to a point where I'm not enjoying the game at all, just getting frustrated.

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But it's a legitimate thing to complain about. Its known Valve plants player who solo so its a rigged game.

Matchmaking unfair on new and experienced players alike

I'm paying for 60 down speed and getting Deepbluediver View Profile View Posts. It is what it is. Last edited by graystripe ; 9 Jan Now, I'm not 2 matchmaking unfair the 2 matchmaking unfair, but I could see someone else doing so. I hate being on the Spectrum. I've really had enough of this unfair matchmaking system Comedy i. Already have an account? Submit a new link. If you wish to be unblocked, you must agree that you will take immediate steps to rectify this issue.

Lol, I just got randomed into a match with every single player was a pinoy, not speaking english This has all happened within the space of a month.

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Combine that with my approx and our team has a combined total of about wins. Sounds to me like you were the smurf, if it only took you that long to leave 2k. Last edited by The Gringo ; 12 Aug 5: It could be taken as you were whining about enemies being smurfs. Sniper and Luna were top against spectre and pudge, ss was able to gank early with haste, pudge picked out Luna a few times after that when she tried to pull.

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From what I've seen: Last edited by The Gringo ; 12 Aug 2: If you promise to stop by clicking the Agree button belowwe'll unblock your connection for now, but we will immediately re-block it if we detect additional bad behavior. What it feels like: You only rise in mmr when you develop faster than the other players in your skill bracket.

I know you're trolling, but hey I figured I'd correct you and help you learn something.

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Wild View Profile View Posts. Don't have an account? Having a hard time picking a name? Lunacy View Profile View Posts. For example, your Bristleback in this game http: The reason why I've played so much Meepo aside from him being a lot of fun is that he has a better chance of carrying a bad team.

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Account level doesn't even mean they have more experience, it's based on trophy points, and XP trophy is only one of them. Its a little hard top be sure given that the storm was 20 and 0, but yeah it should have been obvious. I've made the conclusion from hours of game time.