Dr pat allen online dating How Smart Women Can Find Love with Smart Men, Part I

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I just needed to be my whole and real self. I am happier alone than with someone who does not cherish my intelligence. If you like athletes then dress for an athlete. Allen at drpatallen livesofstyle. Go wherever men play. Regardless of our disagreements, I send you love and support, and hopes that you can find whatever will bring you happiness.

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This is important, because it is a very real concern among women. Let go of past traumas that are causing depression.

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I was that smart, independent woman…but I was also the lonely, soft, sometimes fragile woman wishing for the deep, real, comforting love and affection of a man.

I strongly recommend you read it. Let it shine, dr pat allen online dating Like…what do women need to know before hitting the dating scene?

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Well thank you Dr. You are SO worth it. Allen is a Marriage and Family Therapist, an internationally recognized communication and relationship expert and a Certified Transactional Analyst.

Her books have become bibles to many singles—a GPS guide to the altar. In recent years, online dating has allowed people to meet potential love interests.

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Men are very visual. Good women will come out of the woodwork to find a good man like you. How important is being in good shape? If you cherish and honor your man, he will do all that plus more for you because of the way you make him feel. You get what you give.

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