Drain hook up kitchen sink How To Install a Kitchen Sink Drain

Drain hook up kitchen sink

In older homes, the new sink may not be a different depth than the old drain hook up kitchen sink, so some alteration of the drain pipes may be necessary. Hold the continuous waste pipe up to the two drain ends and take a measurement for cutting the flanged tailpiece.

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Both work well and are about equally easy to use. Turn connectors counterclockwise to loosen, then unscrew both as you steady the assembly and lower it. Roughly install the drainage pipe.

Whether you're installing an entirely new kitchen sink or trying to fix some broken hardware, every kitchen sink needs a functioning drain hook up kitchen sink. Get the latest This Old House news, updates and special offers every week, direct to your inbox.

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Do this for both sides of the sink to be sure everything is working properly. Adjust as needed to create the most direct path from sink to wall tee. MORE also being installed. Skip to main content. If you have lowered the drain tee, it is a good idea to wait to glue or tighten the fittings. Connect the shut-off valves to the hot- and cold-water supply lines inside the sink cabinet.

You have a couple of choices for drain kits: In the following set of instructions, you will learn how to install a kitchen sink drain and drainage pipes. A trap arm, which is connected to the downstream end of the P-trap and then to the drain line that leads to the main drainage line. Install the garbage disposal onto the desired side of the sink first, since this takes up the most space. Remove the excess plumbers putty from inside sink bowl around the drain.


A basic, single-bowl kit includes. Typically there's a small knob on the incoming water line.

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Slide a slipnut over either end of the P-trap pipe and insert a washer. Otherwise, tighten each connection with large, adjustable pliers to complete. Do not glue black ABS drainage pipe while roughly installing the pipe.

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After growing up in construction and with more than 30 years in the field, she believes a girl can swing a hammer with the best of them. If you find that the existing drain is not low enough to accommodate the depth of the new sink, it may be necessary to open the wall and lower the position of the sanitary tee in the wall. Treat each end, where it connects to the respective sink strainer, similarly. Leaving them loose will allow movement and adjustments as you install the other parts of dating my professor sink drain.

Tools List for Installing the Plumbing for a Kitchen Sink

Starting from the drainage pipe coming out of the wall or floor begin gluing the piped piece by piece ensuring proper orientation. Tighten up anything that leaks, and then fill up the sink and give it a good volume test. Attach brass fitting to sink drain and tighten. Install the faucet spout and faucet handles to the countertop.

Shut off hot and cold water to the sink and clean area under sink bowl. From inside the cabinet, connect the faucet's hot- and cold-water supply lines to the shut-off valves. Locate a water supply shutoff if the sink already has plumbing.