Fm tuner antenna hookup Can someone show me how to hook up an FM antenna? Please!

Fm tuner antenna hookup

Your speaker wire might make do til you can scrounge or buy a "T" antenna.

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Connect the spade lugs to the ohm terminals on your receiver or tuner, and screw your incoming cable to the other end of the transformer. That's for a 75 ohm lead. I get it on a boom box, my truck, etc.

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Plus, there's a fm tuner antenna hookup chance they'll carry a pre-made "T" type antenna for a couple bucks that'll perform a little better than a homebrew job made from speaker wire. I soldered a 75 to ohm transformer to the speaker wire.

An older unit will likely have 3 terminals This is what I have. Log in or Sign up. S Crow Wing Co. AM loop antennas, and that type is the only practical type for AM reception, connect to ground the AM, which is the terminal on the far right of that antenna terminal group.

I dipole anttenna is a better pick, same hook up. An "F" connector, like they use on cable TV?

I'm following this thread with interest. Just take a 6 foot length or so and separate one end of it so the two ends are " apart when spread out to the shape of a "T". Can someone show me how to hook up an FM antenna? The question is, am I harming my reception by having two transformers in line?

Not easy for a non-professional to do. You would connect one side of the lead to one terminal and the other side to the other. I would like to start listening to more of it though.

The Pioneer SX has a center channel tuning indicator but no signal strength. As usual, I'm typing fm tuner antenna hookup everyone else is posting!! You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Poke around this site.

Easy to find at garage sales. Best bet, a rooftop antenna, let us know when your ready to make that move. So can someone take a snap shot of the back of their receiver or just carefully explain it to me? The middle lead of the coax goes to the 2nd terminal from the left, and the coax shield goes to the 3rd terminal, which is chassis ground. Home made dipole FM antenna mounted 40 feet above the ground. Some receivers have a "F" jack on the back for FM, so it's just plug 'n play.

JoeESP9May 9, It's made with speaker wire wrapped around a 1" dia. You can buy cheap adapters to convert either one to the other depending on your needs. If he does still use FM occasionally, what did you do about an antenna, nick? It screws right to the end of any F connector equipped RG type cable. I've had good luck with "rabbit ears" as well. Any thoughts on this?

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