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Fut 15 matchmaking explained, matchmaking is a lie

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Don't have an account? Which means, again confirmed to me from EA, that the system they use in match making, and they absolutely do use one, is nothing to do with skill points, nor is it to do with GLICKO Much like the Expand search option in season if that's still a thing.

There are other elements of matchmaking aside from your rating, and there are many ways and degrees to which your rating plays a part in matchmaking. I'm loving the whole community working together to find the deeper points about the game. Please share if useful.

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Some of them are out of range network wise. The only reason how I can see that happening is if Nep faced better players than the other guy, and thus received more points in general for his wins.

2. FIFA ELO system

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The number of times we have seen the opponent be from the same town is very high. Chelsea must face 19 Top tier teams in a season to win the 15 matchmaking explained. Your username is how other community members will see you. Well a lot of people bronze bench now so perhaps you're matching up against other bronze bench people. To some extent yes.

1. Location

We support original content, but we have our limits. So similar to divisions, higher up you go the better rewards you can get but the harder players you face.

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Surely the top players wins count for much more than the bad players' - would 1 win from a top player equate to 5 or so wins from a bad player? I'm not ready to play people with Ronaldo who actually know how to use him. Combined with underestimating your opponent perhaps.

Use of this 15 matchmaking explained constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. As far as I can tell team rating only affects how many points you win or lose, meaning you'll rank up faster with a bronze bench.

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Back to the OP, I agree, matchmaking should basically be random. It doesn't lead to any of those things you are afraid of.

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Whaaat, I had no idea about this. The system needs a revamp.

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It's incredible the power of placebo. He told me there was a hidden leaderboard for Top that he could see. Apps, websites or any other external source to Reddit cannot be advertised.

Low priority matchmaking pool lol

Well, seems the ELO system thinks really highly of me: Second, it shouldnt work that way. I can't imagine there is much value continuing this.

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How would matchmaking even work, when would it be held, what if everyone had already passed a certain knockout round and you were viral nova dating married last one left, what if there was no one to play at that certain time, when would the game decide who's top ?