Geek dating hot girl Nerd Out: 8 Reasons Why Geeky Girls Make The Best Girlfriends

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Yeah, I know, that's not what you're saying, blah blah blah. There's no stereotypes without reason, and to be useful one need not be right: Nerds go well with nerds. YOU suck, there is no hope unless you like the bitchy whiny types.

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Once years ago a guy I am kind of seeing finds out I like anime and suddenly I am the girl he can gush about DBZ with even though he is too ashamed to tell his friends he watches it. For the most part it is a television fantasy.

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D'you know how much this fits me? If all you want is a sex-swapped version of yourself then you've got some stuff to sort out before you release yourself into the wild.

Geeks Rule!

I thought it was pretty funny and is a fresh alternative to all the stupid pickup artist "YOU can be a geeks dating hot girl man, too! But his japanese dating site in english for difficult brother left also back an next womenDo.

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For further explaining here's a link that goes into long detail. So in all, "geek" or not, you should just date someone for who they are.

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She will never think that your love of comics is childish. He's actually pretty awesome.

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A really big one. Let go of the idealization, of course, but that applies to everybody. Of course, that applies to most of the good Doctor's articles.

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Some are supremely amazing and some are human garbage. A strong "don't date someone with your own interests" theme seems…um…bizarre. I can't say I appreciate the fact that you use the word "geek" as a synonym for "male geek".

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Is it possible for a nerd to appreciate girls in his own circumstances? No girl in her right mind wants a man in a feather boa or sparkle leather pants, telling them that they are going to be taken out weather they like it or not. I don't see why you don't zoom out the Geek scope at the end to this generalization: Don't speak for all nerds. Chemistry and a multitude of common interests, not just anime, comics, and video games.

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The game only works on girls who aren't very smart and are distracted by flash. I think one could create someone as a Goddess and still have room for human "flaws" a "God is in each of us" kind of a thing.

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Holy thought provoking entry Batman!