Getting married after 1 year of dating (Closed) Who got engaged at a year or less of dating?

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If wholeness is your guide, you can pretty much tackle anything. Get our weekly roundup of the best of Weddingbee.

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Who was the 1st couple to get married? Can you talk about tough stuff?

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Just know that today I better realize the consequences of rushing into marriage, or any major life decision, for that matter. Learn More at talkspace.

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How do you want to raise your children? As the night draws to a close, my friend might forget that she is trying to impress these guys because she feels so at home.

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I took a sip from a glass of house merlot and watched a group of guys cluster defensively in the corner of the bar, pretending not to see the hungry eyes of interested women that darted toward them. How long do you guys think two people should date before getting married? No, i don't think so. Of course there are exceptions, couples who rushed from first sight straight down the aisle, that are happy.

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He is 24 and I am At least, I think I am. Is it okay for non married couples to live together? My best friends parents were engaged and married within a year of meeting each other and they are so darn cute and happy and he's 25!

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We will have been together for 2 years and 1 month when we get married. How do we answer the police in case of any People who get married shortly after meeting their partners often feel a need to defend their decision to do so.

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For me, BF and I met via online dating and had been chatting for about 2. When I met my husband, I knew I wanted to be the woman who knew his social security number by heart.

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If you have other doubts or don't think that you really know the person, then that's another story.