Graphic designer dating 31 Reasons Why You Should Not Date a Graphic Designer

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They will take to the formatting of your resume with a hatchet, and the outcome will be spectacularly more professional than your best suit.

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Reply Regina Onnagan December 19, at 7: They rather spend their money online than buying you a birthday present. Reply natehawkes December 18, at 7: Form graphic designer dating function This fact mainly applies to buying groceries and choosing books.

Shared this on my design Facebook page: Seriously, I hate it! And what about that old letterpress set you bought off eBay and had framed?

Some designers border on the undateable. Here are some of the most common reasons why...

Say goodbye to the bargain basement greeting card. Reply Albertine Watson February 2, at 7: They will fill your house with magazines and whatever is out there that has drawings. Yeah, that would work. I like the points, they are true, but I dont think graphic designers are intentional. They gotta be ready for it.

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WOW, darling Julian… For a moment, there was so much sarcasm spinning in my graphic designer dating l just had to restart my brain. They hate each other.

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Very funny and some of it is true but you must admit not every graphic designer is bad to date. They know Lorem Ipsum off by heart.

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Thank you one million and please keep up the gratifying work. After checking out your article, We have got to get you on our workforce.


Reply Stan Faryna February 10, at 1: You and your partner are both watching a movie, but your mind wanders. I would add … — They want to retouch everything e.

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Reblogged this on Australia Magazine and commented: These are your heroes and you have to let everyone know just how cool they and by osmosis, you are. They see ordinary objects and laugh.

The long hours are just part of the job — part of the lifestyle.

31+ Reasons Why You Should Not Date a Graphic designer

Is going to be again continuously to check out new posts. Combine that with a long stressful week and I was probably driven to comment on something I would have normally just shrugged and rolled my eyes at.

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