Hhp dating lerato Reports: HHP and Lerato get secretly married

Hhp dating lerato, sa rapper hhp weds his best friend lerato

It just got tedious and I stopped watching.

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I think Winnie is one of the most amazing strongwilled, powerful women who have ever lived. Lerato, At least you saw what Richard and all of us saw in Code. You are a hypocrite look at yourself before pointing your finger at others. SPF 50 kinda day.

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Lerato Maureen had more class in her little finger than you ever could!! For her to go through, not just for herself and her family but also for millions of people was incredible.

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I think you only had South Africa and two other countries voting for you to stay and the rest wanted you evicted. After Max left, it became more difficult. And why r u stil lying chennai dating womens weting ur bed, ha ha ha. Lesson 3 You have all the takings in you to be a leader and a trendsetter, But in the end your confidence and self-belief were your downfall in the house.

This entry was posted on December 12, at 9: Hey Masalagal, Your dating lerato knows no limits!


You are a powerful woman, like Winnie Mandela. Lastly With all said, you did manage to keep the house rocking. In fact i thought in the end it will be her, Richard and Max or possibly Meryl.

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I think I represent a new breed of South African woman. U deserved no better! Did you ever have that sense that your mother was watching you? She was furious about what had happened between you two, in an interview she said: If you recall the first time I fought with Richard, he said: Can you believe that people have choices in life.

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Being a venus fly trap meaning unknown is not representing new dating lerato of South African woman because not all of us wants be loud, have a big mouth and or shout others down. First of all Tatiana is not a dating lerato wrecker Richard chose 2 b wit Tati so l dnt think its fair 2 blame Tati 4 dat, Richi shud b held as accountable 4 his thing with Tati as she is.

Then suddenly he does his I was inspired by her strength. So, you are calling yurself NP now??? You came in here and spoke bull! You learn your limits and how far you can be pushed before breaking I learned that I was good at standing my ground.

It's also believed that guests who were invited to the ceremony were apparently asked not to post anything about the big day on any social media platforms. I'm happy for them!

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Aleast not any of my Brothers can take a look. Although they were harsh, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But queen Tati did it! Did you have a strategy?