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Well, I called her the next day to thank her and she was very embarrassed about it and she hasnt called back. Its not something we plan or are saying it will never happen to us because we are all human and sometimes things happen. Not really a turn off I guess butt let's you wondering if when you get together she might be you know behind your back Paranoid much?

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I agree with LBC that if the chemistry is good no regret's. If the hook up hoes and desire are there, have the safe sex talk and go for it You look back and you just feel stupid. Sex on the first date is neither good nor bad Stop all the sidewinding snake in the grass bullshit.

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Online dating refers to the exchange of conversation, be it a few emails to spanning 4 months of convos As the previous poster said, we make our choices and we don't need to tell others how to live their lives.

The facts to remember: Indeed, the book uncovers aspects of college life that may unsettle some readers, especially parents.

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A regular contributor to Publishers Weekly, she has also written for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Christianity Today, and she has frequently lectured on Sex and the Soul at colleges and universities all over the country since its publication.

But at the same time, it can get in the way of really getting to know each other Moreover, many students see little connection between sex and religion, even as sikh and interracial dating seek one between sex and spirituality.

Well it don't matter cuz ur still going to hit lol but for me there just too easy if I hit it in the frist date.

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Im kinda torn in the middle of this subject, for one yes if the chemistry is there, then WTH People always trip but they need to mind thier own shit. No not really butt some people are! Hmmmm What is this hook up hoes """Date""" you speak of?? I met a nice lady a couple weeks ago we talked,danced and she was very attracted to me and we kissed, she kissed me. This book is a great service to students, parents, and those at colleges and universities who want to prepare young adults not just for the workplace but for healthy and fulfilling lives.