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I recommend post B for small kids, or for people who want a slow train. U-B give a lower range of power. Member since July, posts. You can do the same thing more calmly by turning the speed lever back to 0.

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Short answer - posts A and U give variable voltage of 5 to 16 volts. Actually each piece of the Fastrack has one of these.

So apparently, the operation is correct.

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Anonymous Member since April,posts. Hello Zealot's, Can someone help a Newbe out? If the track is okay, there could be a short circuit in the locomotive, or the circuit breaker in the transformer could be faulty stuck open.

The whistle and direction handle on the has nothing to do with the terminals on the back of the unit. It can throw you off when reading a general "how to" blurb. What hook up lionel train transformer type 1033 goes to what? There are four posts on the transformer. Since this caused problems on dirty track, there was a cutout switch. Posted by LocoPops on Tuesday, September 06, 9: Spray contact cleaner on the whistle switch contacts while moving the whistle lever back and forth.

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Regarding the WX, go to this link and then click on the service information for whistles and tenders http: Also, inspect the contacts to make sure they're making good contact. I am trying the U-b connections and all that's happening is my wires are getting hot.

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Member since November, From: I don't know how to connect it but I remember that the gentlemen who sold me my original MTH transformer told me that I had to connect it correctly or risk "frying" the electronics.

However, the variable control Terminal A failed. Good transformer, especially for older trains Lionel's newer transformers tend to be 80 watts which is insufficient for some locomotives to operate properly. Those brands used a lower voltage than Lionel typically did, but the tops out at 16 volts while other brands topped out at Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, December 03, 8: View Most Popular Toys. Otherwise, I'd just invest in a new transformer.

After 50 years I pulled out my locomotive and tender, a friend oiled it up and bought a transformer which is what I had on Ebay.

Lionel Transformer Whistle question. Posted by flyboard3 on Sunday, September 04, 1: The set hasn't been used in years, but following the suggestions provided by others, I have wired the transformer and cleaned wheels and track.

There will be a clip to hold the wire and a piece of plactic that looks like a block. But I've never done a set wiring on a Lionel before If I read you correctly, and apologies from this old newbie if I don't, I could put the switch at the center position and then run the whistle at stop with full throttle.

If the voltage at the track is similar to the voltage between the A and U terminals, the problem may be a bad insulator under a center rail causing a short when the weight of the loco pushes it down. Terminal A is the recommended common terminal, and should be connected to Terminal 2 outside rail of the lock-on. Find More Posts by joec Using a volt-ohm meter, verify that the resistance between the outside rails and the center rails is infinite no continuity.

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