Hook up vacuum advance quadrajet Vacuum ports on a Quadrajet

Hook up vacuum advance quadrajet

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The pic shows how it is now with the cap installed. Options Quote message in reply?

Where Does The Vacuum Advance Hookup On A Quadrajet Carb

Ok got it thanks for the help. I don't believe that all the ports down on the bottom of the carb are ported. Join us, it's free! This page has been accessed 31, times.

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I'm sure the qjet guys will come to help. Buddy on November 24, Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I also know that hooking up the vacuum advance to the port on the carburetor will only provide vacuum when the throttle blades are high enough to cover the vacuum port, such as at cruise and part throttle, and will produce little vacuum at idle and WOT.

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Hotrodders Bulletin Board forums, you must first register. Mar 30, at 9: This is the port I'm talking about for your vacuum advance: Doing so removes other variables. If it is tuned properly, you shouldn't feel it the secondaries should come on smoothly without surgebut you can definitely hear it. Damaged plug or coil wire.

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I should have also mentioned that the choke pulloff puts a slight delay on the opening air flap. Mar 31, at 2: Vacuum increases as the throttle is opened. If there are any left over nipples on the carb, do as Jims86 suggests and cap them off.

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