How matchmaking works in coc Guide to Clan Wars matchmaking in Clash of Clans

How matchmaking works in coc

Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page how matchmaking works in coc load as expected. Developers said that work has gone in to prevent toxicity between the clan and the solo.

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This page is part of Flammy's Strategy Guides. Heres the official details straight from the official Supercell forums on how player matchmaking works. Now, if we factor in at least one donation which during this time is probably closer to 5 of 5 archers then the total amount of elixir spent is 22, And a fourth air defense.

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You log off, get attacked, and when you come back you learn that you've lost 30 trophies in your defense to a higher level player who has a town hall of level 8, but just so happens to have close to the number of trophies you have. According to Bungie, the traditional matchmaking does not work.

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Even if they are also a high level player, they will know there are easier matches out there, so they are more likely to skip you unless you have a ton of resources or some other reason to make it worth their time. That's 25 trophies you've earned!

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I want to explain how the Clan War Matchmaking works, how you can affect the Matchmaking. Our matchmaking system aims to rank players based on their skills in the multiplayer matches.

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The second level is worth 50 gems and the third is worth Please provide feedback if there is a part of matchmaking you don. Clan Wars Matchmaking Promo Video.

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How does Matchmaking work. Why is this a problem? We are donating troops to each other constantly during this time as well.

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The Clan War matchmaking system in Clash of Clans bases the way it works on the data which is called. The people that play this game the most!

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